Adjectives for Bow

Adjectives For Bow

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing bow, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The noun 'bow' when paired with adjectives can paint a vivid picture, interpreting different contexts and nuances. A 'low bow' might convey a deep respect or seriousness, whereas a 'starboard bow' guides us to navigational precision at sea. A 'little bow' evokes an image of a minor or delicate gesture, in contrast to a 'long bow' that may represent the historic weapon or a prolonged acknowledgment. The 'slight bow' suggests a minimal or almost imperceptible nod, differing from the 'cross bow,' which immediately brings to mind the weapon used in both historical and fantasy settings. Each adjective not only modifies the noun but enriches our understanding of the action or object. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'bow' below.
lowHe made a low bow to show his respect for the teacher.
starboardThe starboard bow of the ship was damaged in the storm.
littleShe wore a little bow in her hair.
longThe truth must be told even if it makes a long bow
slightShe greeted him with a slight bow
crossThe hunter used a cross bow to shoot the deer.
profoundThe geisha performed a profound bow to her guest.
politeThe hostess greeted the guests with a polite bow
redThe little girl skipped through the meadow, her red bow bouncing behind her.
bigThe little girl wore a big bow in her hair.
formalHe gave her a formal bow out of respect.
shortThe archer pulled back the short bow with precision and released the arrow.
stiffHe drew the stiff bow and let the arrow fly.
blackDapper Dan carried a black bow tie in his pocket.
gracefulThe ballerina ended her performance with a graceful bow
bentThe archer stood with his bent bow his arrow pointed at the target.
respectfulHe greeted the guests with a respectful bow
courtlyLady Anne greeted the king with a deep courtly bow
larboardThe larboard bow of the ship was damaged in the storm.
faceWhen establishing an accurate vertical maxilla relationship, the face bow is an important articulator to use.
compositeThe archer used a composite bow to hit the target with great precision.
musicalThe musical bow has a rich history and is still played today.
pinkThe little girl wore a pink bow in her hair
finalThe dancer took her final bow after the performance.
courteousThe interviewer was impressed by her courteous bow when she entered the room.
strongIn medieval England, the strong bow was a formidable weapon used in battle.
blueThe young lady wore a shimmering blue bow in her hair.
mightyWith a mighty bow the maestro brought the symphony to its stirring climax.
hugeShe wore a huge bow in her hair.
sharpThe sharp bow of the ship cut through the water with ease.
labialHer first labial bow was quite prominent and thus gave her a distinct smile.
primaryThe primary bow was a bright rainbow that stretched across the sky.
secondaryIn the secondary bow of the rainbow, the colors are reversed.
mockThe politician gave a mock bow to the cheering crowd.
goldenThe little girl wore a golden bow in her hair.
downThe violinist played the opening notes with a down bow
curvedThe curved bow of the ship sliced through the waves.
elaborateThe elaborate bow on her headpiece was the perfect finishing touch to her elegant ensemble.
woodenThe wooden bow twanged in the crisp autumn air.
awkwardShe gave him an awkward bow unsure of how to react.
graciousThe princess curtsied with a gracious bow
quickThe dancer took a quick bow at the conclusion of the performance.
graveShe made a serious expression and gave him a grave bow
tinyThe tiny bow on her dress added a touch of whimsy to her outfit.
ceremoniousThe ambassador greeted the queen with a ceremonious bow
fiddleThe musician rosin his fiddle bow prior playing on stage.
doubleShe tied her hair back with double bows.
beautifulShe wore a beautiful bow in her hair.
powerfulThe archer stood tall, drawing his powerful bow ready to unleash an arrow with deadly accuracy.
weatherThe weather bow is the side of the ship where the wind comes from.
exaggeratedShe took an exaggerated bow as she left the stage.
brightThe little girl tied a bright bow in her hair.
strungThe archer took aim with his strung bow
stratfordThe Stratford bow Flyover is a grade-separated junction on the A11 road near Stratford in east London.
halfI gave a half bow to the audience to show my respect.
silentHer silent bow gracefully kicked off the performance.
elegantShe wore a simple black gown with an elegant bow at the neckline.
statelyShe performed a stately bow
flatThe archer's flat bow twanged as he released the arrow.
bendedHe aimed his bended bow at the target.
neatI tied the ribbons together with a small, neat bow
greenThe girl wore a beautiful green bow in her hair.
pointedThe pointed bow of the ship cut through the water with ease.
magicThe magic bow played a hauntingly beautiful melody.
brokenThe broken bow lay on the ground, a useless reminder of the failed hunt.
portThe ship's port bow collided with the dock.
gallantThe gallant bow of the ship sent waves crashing against the rocks.
prettyI wrapped the gift in a pretty bow
deferentialShe made a deferential bow to the old lady.

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