Adjectives for Bowling

Adjectives For Bowling

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing bowling, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe bowling can accentuate the experience, highlight specific skills, or even critique performance. Describing someone's approach as fast not only conveys speed but suggests a level of expertise and intensity. The term pin can bring into focus the precision of the game, while slow, in contrast, might reflect on the strategic patience or a beginner's cautiousness. Calling a game good celebrates achievement, whereas arm can delve into the technical aspects of the player's technique. Conversely, poor shows that there's always room for improvement. Each adjective adds a new layer of meaning, enriching our understanding of the bowling experience. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can be paired with bowling and explore the nuanced perspectives they offer.
fastThe fast bowling was too much to handle.
pinI enjoyed playing pin bowling with my friends.
slowThe team's slow bowling attack made for a challenging match.
goodI bowled a good bowling game last night.
armThe bowler used the arm bowling technique to deliver the ball.
poorThe team's performance was hindered by poor bowling
underhandThe bowler used underhand bowling to deliver the ball with a low trajectory.
lineThe bowler rolled a perfect line bowling game.
professionalHe was a professional bowling champion with many titles and wins.
indoorI am going to try indoor bowling with my friend on Friday.
bestKevin had the best bowling game of his life.
handThe kids loved playing hand bowling using the paper towel roll.
indianThe man was skilled at indian bowling
modernModern bowling involves using high-tech equipment and computerized scoring systems.
overarmThe bowler delivered an overarm bowling that was too wide for the batter to hit.
fineThe team showed off their fine bowling skills during the tournament.
englishI'm going to the english bowling alley this weekend.
australianI watched australian bowling with my family last night.
tenpinThe team enjoyed a night of tenpin bowling
openThe open bowling hours start at 5PM.
overhandTom scored 250 with an overhand bowling action.
outdoorThe outdoor bowling alley was filled with people enjoying the summer weather.
swiftThe bowler unleashed a swift bowling spell that shattered the wickets.
pitchedThe pitcher threw a pitched bowling ball towards the batter.
underarmThe bowler used an underarm bowling style, delivering the ball from below his shoulder.
regularI enjoy participating in regular bowling tournaments.
cosmicMom and I went cosmic bowling after dinner.
roundThe round bowling ball rolled smoothly down the lane.
freeThe bowling alley is offering free bowling on Tuesdays.
accurateThe bowler's accurate bowling led to a series of strikes.
badI had a bad bowling game and didn't get any strikes.
braveThe brave bowling ball rolled into the pins, knocking them all down.
miniatureThe kids had a blast playing miniature bowling at the arcade.
excellentTheir excellent bowling brought them to the state championship.
fastestThe player delivered the fastest bowling in the history of the championship.
spareWe had some spare bowling pins left over after the game.
competitiveJoe's average score in competitive bowling has gone down significantly.
bodylineThe Australian team used bodyline bowling tactics against England in the 1932-33 Ashes series.
greenThe green bowling ball rolled down the lane.
looseThe bowler's loose bowling resulted in a wide delivery.
leagueMy league bowling team is going to the championship next week.
nightThe neon lights illuminated the alley during their night bowling excursion.
weakHer weak bowling could not defeat her strong opponent.
documentaryDocumentary bowling while a unique concept, was not my favorite genre of film.
weeklyOur weekly bowling league has been canceled due to the pandemic.
googlyWe had so much fun playing googly bowling at the arcade.
westI bowled a great game at the west bowling alley.
bedfordBedford bowling is a great way to spend an evening.
maintopThe sailors were engaged in a game of maintop bowling on the deck of the ship.
idealIdeal bowling requires perfect timing and accuracy.
upstairsThe raucous sounds of upstairs bowling interrupted the quiet evening.
potshareWe had a great time potshare bowling last night.
easyEasy bowling is a great way to relax and have fun.
quickThe bowler's quick bowling caught the batsman by surprise.
successfulThe successful bowling team celebrated their victory with a pizza party.
terrificThe bowler had a terrific bowling match.
styleThe team showed their style bowling with a dazzling display of strikes and spares.
handedThe young boy handed bowling a try, but soon found out it was not his forte.
sentimentalWe went sentimental bowling last night and reminisced about old times.
tightThe bowler had a really tight bowling game.
unfairThe unfair bowling made the game unnecessarily difficult.
magnificentThe bowler unleashed a magnificent bowling performance, leaving the opposition in awe.
amateurThe amateur bowling tournament was surprisingly competitive.
austereThe austere bowling alley had only the essential equipment.
pacedThe bowler used paced bowling to control the batsman.
recreationalAfter dinner, we went to the bowling alley for some recreational bowling
intramuralOur intramural bowling team won the championship.
deadlyThe bowler's deadly bowling proved unstoppable, leaving the opposition batsmen in disarray.
vigorousThe bowler displayed vigorous bowling skills throughout the match.
roundarmThe bowler delivered a roundarm bowling ball with great accuracy.
splendidDavid Warner played a splendid bowling move in the match.
unlawfulThe umpire called an unlawful bowling action on the bowler.

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