Adjectives for Box

Adjectives For Box

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing box, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe a box can paint an incredibly vivid picture and add a layer of depth to your narrative. A small box evokes a sense of delicacy, possibly holding something precious or delicate, while a black box might hint at mystery or sophistication. Opting for a wooden box can introduce a rustic or traditional element, setting the scene for historical tales or earthy narratives. On the other hand, a little box can carry an air of intimacy and secrecy, perfect for evocative storytelling. A large box, conversely, suggests abundance and space, perhaps housing an important object or being part of a significant event. Lastly, including a snuff box takes us into the realm of specific historical or cultural contexts, offering a nuanced addition to any story. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives that unveil the myriad possibilities a simple box can embody.
smallThe small box contained a precious gem.
blackThe black box was recovered from the wreckage of the plane.
woodenThe wooden box contained precious family heirlooms.
littleI hid the ring in a little box
largeThe large box contained several fragile items.
snuffThe snuff box has been treasured for many years.
bigWe need to go to the big box store to buy some light bulbs.
emptyThe empty box sat on the table, a reminder of what had been.
strongThe strong box held the family's most valuable possessions.
rectangularThe rectangular box contained several small objects.
downShe crawled back into her sleeping bag and slipped into her down box
whiteThe white box on the shelf contained a variety of tools.
openThe open box contained a collection of old photographs.
fireThe fire box was glowing hot.
theI put the box on the table.
safeThe jewels were kept in a safe box
appropriatePlease put the books in the appropriate box
redThe red box was on the table.
topThe cereal was in the top box in the cupboard.
blueMy grandmother gifted me a blue box containing antique jewellery.
musicalThe old musical box played a haunting melody.
royalThe royal box at the opera house was filled with dignitaries.
plasticI put the toys in the plastic box
heavyThe heavy box was too much for me to lift.
closedI found a closed box in the attic.
lightThe light box helped me to beat my seasonal depression.
hugeI couldn't lift the huge box on my own.
greenThe green box was placed on the table.
flatThe flat box arrived in the mail yesterday.
tightThe tight box was too small to fit all the toys.
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tinyThe tiny box contained a precious jewel.
standardThe standard box was used to ship the fragile items.
oblongThe oblong box contained a precious gift.
separatePlease put the items in a separate box for easy identification.
darkI opened the dark box with trepidation.
roundI wonder what's inside the shiny round box
shallowThe shallow box was filled with an assortment of trinkets.
grayI opened the gray box and was surprised by what was inside.
hotThe hot box is in the corner of the room.
looseThe three horses were stabled in loose boxes.
soundThe sound box was making a strange noise.
smallerI put the smaller box inside the larger one.
shapedI put the objects I wanted to mail into the shaped box
squareShe stored her jewelry in a small square box
coveredI opened the covered box and found a treasure inside.
sealedCarefully unseal the fragile contents of the sealed box
stuffingThe stuffing box contained the packing material used to seal the piston rod.
yellowThe yellow box contained a secret message.
narrowThe narrow box was filled with precious jewels.
magicAlice opened the magic box and found a treasure inside.
dryI put the damp clothes in the dry box to absorb the moisture.
mailI ran to the mail box to retrieve my letters.
plainMy grandmother keeps all her cherished photos in a plain box
neatHe found a neat box in the attic.
smokeThe smoke box was filled with fragrant wood chips.
musicThe delicate melody of the music box filled the room with a sense of nostalgia.
linedThe lined box contained a precious jewel.
goldenThey found a golden box filled with ancient coins
cylindricalThe cylindrical box was filled with a variety of treasures.
brownJohn rummaged through the contents of the brown box
handI opened the hand box and found a beautiful ring inside.
electricalThe electrician carefully installed the new electrical box
accompanyingThe accompanying box contained a variety of items.
lockedThe locked box contained the secret that he had been searching for.
iceThe ice box was filled with delicious treats.
woodHe hid the treasure in a sturdy wood box

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