Adjectives for Bra

Adjectives For Bra

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing bra, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a bra can significantly alter its impression. A black bra may carry an air of sophistication, while a white bra often symbolizes purity and simplicity. Opting for a lacy bra adds a touch of elegance and femininity, evoking a delicate allure. Remembering one's first bra can be a rite of passage, encapsulating the transition into womanhood. Investing in a new bra is always a moment of renewal, and selecting a padded bra can offer both comfort and confidence boost. Each adjective not only describes a physical characteristic but also evokes unique emotions and associations. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives below to discover the perfect word that captures the essence of the bra you're envisioning.
blackI saw a black bra hanging on the clothesline.
whiteShe reached under her shirt and pulled out a white bra
firstShe was excited to wear her first bra
newShe was so excited to wear her new bra
supportiveShe purchased a supportive bra for better posture.
straplessShe wore a strapless bra under her dress.
goodShe put on a comfortable good bra
fittingShe found a fitting bra after trying on several sizes.
blueShe put on a matching blue bra and underwear.
rightI prefer to use my right bra for tasks that require logical thinking.
plainShe wore a plain bra under her blouse.
prettyShe showed me the pretty bra she bought the other day.
thinShe was wearing a thin bra under her shirt.
comfortableI was looking for a comfortable bra and I finally found one that fits perfectly.
tinyShe wore a tiny bra under her sheer blouse.
purpleI saw a purple bra hanging on the clothesline.
greenShe left her green bra on the bathroom counter.
regularShe wore a regular bra under her shirt.
fittedI bought a new fitted bra yesterday.
athleticAfter a long run, she immediately took off her athletic bra
cleanShe wore a clean bra under her shirt.
lineShe wore a black lace line bra under her sheer top.
beigeShe wore a beige bra under her sheer top.
yellowShe was wearing a frilly yellow bra
sequinedShe wore a shimmering sequined bra that sparkled under the stage lights.
paleShe was wearing only a sheer nightgown and a pale bra
surgicalShe wore a surgical bra after her operation.
grayThe maid peeked her head through the door, her gray bra blending seamlessly with her gray uniform.
niceI like your nice bra
sturdyShe wore a sturdy bra for extra support.
laceShe wore a beautiful lace bra under her blouse.
delicateShe wore a delicate bra under her sheer blouse.
wispyShe wore a wispy bra under her sheer blouse.
silkyShe wore a silky bra underneath her sheer blouse.
favoriteMy favorite bra is the one that makes me feel most confident and supported.
frillyShe wore a frilly bra under her sheer blouse.
wiredShe didn't like the way the wired bra made her feel.
transparentShe wore a transparent bra under her blouse.
elasticI prefer an underwire bra over an elastic bra
dirtyThe dirty bra was thrown in the hamper.
decentI'm looking for a decent bra that will fit comfortably and provide good support.
dampHer damp bra left a mark on her shirt.
expensiveI had to pay an exorbitant amount for that expensive bra

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