Adjectives for Bracket

Adjectives For Bracket

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing bracket, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the right adjective to describe a bracket can subtly alter the perception of its position, status, or quality. A lower bracket might suggest a more accessible or foundational level, whereas a higher or top bracket conveys superiority or an elite status. Describing something as being in the same bracket insinuates similarity or equivalence, while high and upper brackets denote elevation or a step above the ordinary. The choice of adjective not only informs the listener about the bracket's hierarchical position but also its relative importance or function. Explore our comprehensive list to find the perfect adjective that nuances your communication effectively.
lowerHe was seeded in the lower bracket of the tournament.
topThe player is now in the top bracket of their league.
sameThe numbers in the same bracket are equal.
highThe lawyer was in a high bracket and made a lot of money.
upperThe team reached the upper bracket of the tournament.
firstThis is a sentence with the first bracket [.
highestHe was taxed in the highest bracket
marginalThe marginal bracket for the highest income earners is 37%.
lowestThe lowest bracket in the tournament was won by a team of underdogs.
rightThe right bracket ) is used to end a parenthetical expression.
bottomThe bottom bracket is the part of the bicycle that connects the cranks to the frame.
secondThe second bracket in the sentence is the one right after the first bracket.
lowNobody answered the phone even after ringing several times, at this low bracket I knew I wouldn't ever get through.
curlyThe curly bracket notation is used in programming languages to group related data
middleThe [middle bracket] holds the key to the riddle.
federalThe federal bracket for income tax is a progressive system that increases the tax rate as income rises.
frontThe front bracket of the car was badly damaged.
rearThe rear bracket is attached to the frame by two bolts.
specialThe special bracket [ ] is used to group characters together.
taxI'm glad I'm in a lower tax bracket this year.
year"I was born in the year bracket of 1980 to 1994."
woodenThe wooden bracket broke when I tried to hang the shelf.
handThe technician was holding the wire harness in a hand bracket
adjustableThe adjustable bracket allowed for a range of installation options.
doubleWow! This is a [[double bracket]] sentence.
ironThe iron bracket was firmly attached to the wall.
wallThe wall bracket provided sturdy support for the heavy mirror.
ornamentalThe ornamental bracket brought a touch of elegance to the plain doorway.
closeThe file name should not include a close bracket
ageThe age bracket for this study was 18-25 years old.
verticalI need to put this text inside a vertical bracket like this: {text}
socioeconomicThe data was broken down by socioeconomic bracket and gender.
olderMy grandfather is a gentleman of the older bracket
curved{ not a curved bracket }
incomeThe family fell into a lower income bracket after the father lost his job.
taxableThe Smiths had a large family and fell into a higher taxable bracket
orthodonticThe orthodontic bracket was made of metal and had a small hook on it.
fourI walked down the road for twenty-two miles with four bracket
carvedThe carved bracket supported the heavy beam.
gasThe gas bracket hanging in the hallway flickered and died.
weldedThe welded bracket was strong enough to support the weight.
fiveThe five bracket is used to represent braces in genealogy.
youngerThe younger bracket was dominated by players from the local high school.
triangular This is a triangular bracket < >
maximumThe maximum bracket was so large that it was impossible to see the inside.
manifoldThe manifold bracket of the Lie algebra of a semisimple Lie group is always reductive.
suitableThe suitable bracket for this equation is the curly bracket.
universalThe universal bracket is a mathematical symbol that represents a set of numbers or values.
idlerThe idler bracket is a small, metal bracket that helps to keep the idler pulley in place.
ableI am able bracket to help you with your writing tasks.
rigidThe rigid bracket held the shelf firmly in place.
mountingI need to purchase a mounting bracket for my new TV.
sternThe stern bracket was severely corroded and needed to be replaced.

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