Adjectives for Branch

Adjectives For Branch

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing branch, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a 'branch' can vastly alter the meaning, painting a more vivid and precise picture. Whether it's an 'executive branch,' signifying power and leadership, or an 'olive branch,' symbolizing peace and reconciliation, adjectives unlock nuances that deepen our understanding. An 'important branch' might refer to a critical division within an organization, whereas a 'small branch' could evoke an image of a young, perhaps insignificant offshoot. Each adjective, from 'legislative' to 'particular,' unveils unique facets, illustrating the branch's role, size, or nature. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives to discover how each can transform your perception of 'branch.'
executiveThe President is the head of government and head of state and of the executive branch of the government.
importantThe research and development department is an important branch of the company.
legislativeThe legislative branch is responsible for making laws.
oliveThe olive branch is a symbol of peace.
particularHe is interested in the development in a particular branch of mathematics.
smallI picked up a small branch from the ground.
localI went to my local branch to deposit a check.
mainThe main branch of the company is located in New York City.
secondSplitting the code into separate directories and files should occur at the second branch in a project with a single source file.
judicialThe judicial branch is one of the three branches of government that interpret laws.
specialThe special branch of the police is responsible for investigating serious crimes.
leftThe left branch led to a clearing.
rightTurn left at the next junction, and then take the second right branch
singleThe tree had a single branch reaching up to the sky.
posteriorThe posterior branch of the coronary artery supplies the back of the heart.
lowerThe lower branch of the company focuses on research and development.
anteriorThe anterior branch of the middle cerebral artery supplies the anterior two-thirds of the hemisphere.
separateHe went to a separate branch of the bank.
thirdThe third branch of government is the judiciary.
lateralThe lateral branch of the artery supplied blood to the surrounding tissues.
upperThe upper branch of the tree swayed in the wind.
deepThe deep branch of the tree was home to many animals.
youngerThe younger branch of the family had always been more successful than the older one.
westernThe western branch of the river flows through the town.
cutaneousThe cutaneous branch innervates the skin of the arm.
easternThe eastern branch of the river flows through the heart of the city.
southernWe will hold the meeting at the southern branch
northernThe northern branch of the river flows through a narrow valley.
elderThe elder branch of the family had been wealthy for generations.
superficialThe superficial branch of the radial nerve innervates the lateral aspect of the forearm.
popularThe popular branch of the restaurant is known for its delicious food and excellent service.
deadThe dead branch fell from the tree.
southThe south branch of the Chicago River flows through the Loop.
terminalThe terminal branch of the neuron sends a signal to the next cell.
distinctThe company has two distinct branches in the city.
dorsal"The dorsal branch of the spinal nerve innervates the skin and muscles of the back."
largestThe largest branch on the tree was home to a family of squirrels.
superiorThe rectus capitis lateralis muscle receives its blood supply from the superior branch of the occipital artery.
horizontalThe horizontal branch is a stage in the evolution of low-mass stars.
fourthThe fourth branch is the judiciary, which is not mentioned in the Constitution.
independentI am working on an independent branch
externalThe lateral thoracic artery arises from the second part of the axillary artery, posterior to its external branch
inferiorThe inferior branch of the vagus nerve serves the heart and lungs.
principalThe bank expanded its principal branch on Main Street.
handThe hand branch was a success.
administrativeThe administrative branch is responsible for implementing and enforcing laws.
numerousThe tree had numerous branches.
collateralThe collateral branch of the axillary artery supplies the chest wall and the breast.
medialThe medial branch nerves supply the muscles that extend the spine.
greenThe bird chirped sweetly as it hopped from green branch to green branch
eastYou can easily hike along the east branch of the Nisqually River.
recurrentThe recurrent branch of the median nerve innervates the muscles of the thenar eminence.
latterThe latter branch of the family emigrated to Canada.
lowestThe squirrel jumped from the lowest branch of the tree.
specializedThe specialized branch of medicine offers advanced and sophisticated treatments for various complex medical conditions.
marginalThe marginal branch of the median nerve innervates the thenar muscles.
laryngealThe laryngeal branch of the vagus nerve innervates the muscles of the larynx.
juniorHe was the junior branch of his family.
middleThe cluster points downstream near the middle branch of the Ohio River.
subThe bank's sub branch was located in a small town.
ophthalmicThe ophthalmic branch supplies the lacrimal gland, the structures around the eye, and the forehead.
sensoryThe sensory branch of the facial nerve innervates the skin of the face, the scalp, and the external ear.
leafyThe bird was perched on a leafy branch of the tree.
dryThe dry branch snapped under my weight.
temporalThe left facial artery forms the temporal branch which supplies blood to the temporalis muscle.
nearestI will go to the nearest branch of the bank.
thickI crawled under the thick branch
brokenThe trail was impassable due to a broken branch
palmShe waved a palm branch enthusiastically.
overhangingThe sun streams through an overhanging branch casting a leafy pattern on the forest floor.

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