Adjectives for Break

Adjectives For Break

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing break, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the perfect adjective to describe a break can significantly alter the nuance of a sentence, subtly shifting its imagery and emotional impact. Whether it's a first break that signifies new beginnings, a complete break indicating total separation, a well-deserved day break that suggests respite and regeneration, a sharp break evoking sudden changes, a short break hinting at a brief pause, or a clean break symbolizing a clear, unambiguous end, each word choice paints a unique picture. Exploring these variations reveals the rich palette of expressions available to us. Dive deeper into the full spectrum of adjectives that color our conception of break and how they transform its essence in the sentences we craft.
firstThe first break of dawn was a welcome sight.
completeHe had a complete break from his studies.
dayThe first rays of sunlight peeked over the horizon as day break
sharpThe sharp break in the road caused the car to skid.
shortI need to take a short break from this long project
cleanThe couple decided to end their marriage with a clean break
radicalThe radical break with tradition was met with both enthusiasm and resistance.
bigHer big break came with a role as a doctor on a popular soap opera.
finalThe final break was a difficult decision, but it was necessary for my well-being.
minuteI need a minute break from this work.
luckyHe felt he had had a lucky break when he found the job at the library.
majorSales had a major break in the third quarter.
openDump trucks and other heavy vehicles are now traveling along Old Highway 441 without having to worry about coming to an open break in the road.
suddenThe sudden break in the conversation left me feeling uneasy.
longWe had a long break between classes.
decisiveThe decisive break from the past will usher in a new era of prosperity.
realI need a real break from work.
clearThe incident made a clear break in our company culture.
commercialI'll be back after the commercial break
definiteThe news of the divorce was a definite break from the past.
significantThey took a significant break from work to have lunch.
welcomeThat trip provided a welcome break from the stresses of work.
badThe team suffered a bad break when their star player got injured.
totalThe car skidded over the slippery roads, causing a total break
hourI went for an hour break to get some fresh air.
abruptThe abrupt break in the conversation left me feeling confused.
distinctThe graph has a distinct break at the point where the slope changes.
fastThe point guard took the steal and took it for a fast break layup.
briefThe students enjoyed a brief break from the intense study.
psychoticThe patient experienced a psychotic break that led to hallucinations.
structuralThe econometric model clearly showed a structural break in consumer spending after the pandemic.
seriousHer serious break came in 1996 when she was cast as the lead in the independent film "Swingers."
slightThere was a slight break in the fabric of the spacetime continuum.
fundamentalThe fundamental break between the two groups was over the issue of slavery.
dramaticDuring the interview, the candidate paused with a dramatic break before revealing their plans for the company's future.
quickI need a quick break from work.
windTrees in the yard acted as a wind break diminishing the force of the storm.
epistemologicalThe emergence of quantum mechanics was an epistemological break that challenged classical physics.
violentA violent break can be caused by many things.
niceLet's take a nice break from our daily routine.
toughIt was a tough break to lose the game after leading by so much.
weekI'm going on a week break from work.
strandThe strand break caused the DNA to fragment, making it difficult to analyze.
definitiveThe divorce marked a definitive break in their relationship.
temporaryWe need to take a temporary break from this project.
yearShe decided to take a year break from her studies to travel.
revolutionaryThe invention caused a revolutionary break in the world of technology.
apparentThe computer was unable to complete the task due to an apparent break
formalWe arranged a formal break from the usual routine.
absoluteI can't provide any information about 'absolute break'.
ctrlYou can use 'ctrl break' to interrupt a running program.
occasionalThe occasional break from work was refreshing.
pleasantThe pleasant break allowed me to refresh and refocus.
doubleThe car slammed into the tree with a double break
wiseMaking a wise break from routine, I enrolled in a yoga class.
diplomaticThe diplomatic break was a major setback for international relations.
biggestSarah got her biggest break when she was cast in the lead role of the hit TV show.
obviousThe obvious break in the narrative was due to the author's sudden illness.
markedThe marked break in service interrupted all phone calls.
momentaryThe momentary break in the storm allowed us to catch our breath.
fairHe deserves a fair break like everyone else.
smokeMy boss gives us a 15 minute smoke break every 4 hours.
morningI'm going to the shop during my morning break
longerI need a longer break from work.
extendedI'm sorry you're feeling overwhelmed, but I'm here for you if you need an extended break
partialThe partial break in the clouds allowed a few rays of sunlight to peek through.

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