Adjectives for Bridge

Adjectives For Bridge

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing bridge, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the world of adjectives paired with the noun 'bridge' opens up a landscape of descriptive intricacies that imbue our language with life and vividness. The texture and age of a 'wooden' bridge evoke a rustic charm, whispering tales of yesteryears to those who cross it. A 'new' bridge, in contrast, might symbolize progress and modern engineering marvels, connecting people and places with sleek efficiency. The 'old' bridges stand as time capsules, each wear and tear narrating histories of past travels. Size and structure also play into the narrative, with 'little', 'narrow', and 'long' bridges each painting a unique scene in the mind's eye, from quaint footpaths to monumental spans. These adjectives unfold the story of each bridge, inviting us to delve deeper into their distinct attributes. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives and the nuances they bring to the noun 'bridge' below.
woodenWe strolled across the old wooden bridge enjoying the view of the river below.
newThe new bridge's construction was completed this year.
oldThe old bridge creaked and groaned beneath the weight of the heavy traffic.
littleThe little bridge provided a safe passage.
narrowThe narrow bridge swayed precariously in the strong wind.
longThe truck drove across the long bridge
smallThe small bridge led to a secluded meadow.
coveredThe elderly couple walked slowly across the covered bridge
nasalThe nasal bridge is the part of the nose that connects the two eyes.
secondThe second bridge was much longer than the first.
naturalWe hiked to the natural bridge and marveled at its towering arch.
archedWe walked across the arched bridge to reach the castle.
concreteThe tall concrete bridge spanned the vast river valley.
famousI went for a jog across the famous bridge
fineThe fine bridge was a masterpiece of engineering.
temporaryThe temporary bridge will be in place for six months.
presentThe present bridge was built in the 19th century.
footWe crossed the foot bridge to get to the other side of the river.
romanThe Roman bridge spanned the river, connecting the two villages.
ancientTime has left its traces on the ancient bridge
lowDuck under the low bridge
brokenThe broken bridge was a hazard to the town.
longestThe world's longest bridge is the Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge in China.
fixedThe fixed bridge is a permanent solution for missing teeth.
rusticWe walked across the rustic bridge its weathered wood creaking beneath our feet.
upperThe train crossed an upper bridge over the river.
beautifulA beautiful bridge crossed the river.
handsomeThe handsome bridge towered over the river, its stone arches spanning the gap with grace and grandeur.
pedestrianI crossed the pedestrian bridge over the busy highway.
bigThe big bridge spans the river.
permanentThe permanent bridge was completed last year.
ricketyThe rickety bridge swayed precariously under our feet as we crossed.
doubleThe double bridge spans the river.
magnificentThe magnificent bridge spanned the river, its arching curves reflecting in the shimmering water.
goldenThe golden bridge spanned the river, connecting the two villages.
bonyHe rubbed the sore spot above his bony bridge
laneThe lane bridge is a narrow path over the river.
rudeThe battle at the rude bridge was a turning point in the American Revolution.
broadThe broad bridge spanned the wide river.
movableThe movable bridge swung open to allow the ship to pass through.
ruinedThe ruined bridge was a testament to the power of the raging river.
tubularThe tubular bridge was constructed using wrought-iron plates.
flatThe flat bridge stretched across the river, connecting the two banks.
solidThe solid bridge spanned the river, connecting the two towns.
picturesqueWe walked across the picturesque bridge admiring the stunning views of the lake.
depressedThe depressed bridge sagged under the weight of the passing train.
continuousWe crossed the river via a continuous bridge
largestThis is the largest bridge in the world.
archThe arch bridge spanned the river with its graceful curve.
levelThe level bridge spanned the river, providing a smooth passage for vehicles and pedestrians alike.
massiveThe massive bridge spanned the wide river.
nearbyWe can drive to the nearby bridge to get a better view.
hugeWe walked across the huge bridge that spanned the river.
ironThe ancient iron bridge is still standing proudly over the river.
oldestThe Washington Bridge is the oldest bridge in New York City.
vitalThe vital bridge connected the two sides of the river.
overheadThe overhead bridge provided a clear view of the traffic below.
splendidThe splendid bridge spanned the mighty river, connecting two distant lands.
tinyThe tiny bridge was just wide enough for a single car to cross.
balancedThe balanced bridge swayed gently in the wind.
elegantThe elegant bridge soared over the sparkling river.
nobleThe noble bridge spanned the chasm, its stone arches a testament to the skill of the ancient builders.

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