Adjectives for Britannica

Adjectives For Britannica

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing britannica, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'britannica' often evokes images of comprehensive knowledge and scholarly authority. When paired with adjectives such as 'new,' 'entire,' 'old,' 'first,' 'volume,' and 'whole,' it takes on various nuanced meanings that reflect the depth and breadth of information it encompasses. A 'new Britannica' might suggest a recent edition with updated content, while an 'entire Britannica' emphasizes the complete set of knowledge within its pages. The use of 'old' or 'first' can denote historical significance, and 'volume' or 'whole' highlights the extensive nature of the contents. Each adjective, when combined with 'britannica,' paints a unique picture of intellectual heritage and resourcefulness. Explore the full list of adjectives associated with 'britannica' to appreciate the diverse ways this noun can be described.
newI found the information I needed in the New britannica
entireI read the entire britannica multiple times growing up, making me incredibly intelligent.
oldThe old britannica is a valuable resource for research.
firstThe first britannica was published in 1768.
volumeI consulted the Volume britannica for more information.
wholeI spent the whole britannica reading about the history of the world.
latestThe latest britannica defines AI as "the emerging field of study that combines computer science, statistics, and other areas to enable machines to learn from data in order to perform specific tasks."
currentCurrent britannica offers topics alphabetically and provides keywords for searching within articles.
magnaThe Magna britannica is a vast encyclopedia that was published in England in the 18th century.
completeI consulted Complete britannica before writing my paper.
famousThe famous britannica encyclopedia was first published in 1768.
longShe was reading the long britannica
centuryThe "Century Britannica" is a 32-volume encyclopedia published by the Encyclopedia Britannica Company in the United States from 1968 to 1973.
calledThe encyclopedia called britannica has been published since 1768.
venerableI have learned most of what I know by reading the venerable britannica
tbsTo edit any entry, click the "Edit" tab at the end of the entry and make your changes in the TBS britannica Edit Page window that appears.
pompousThe pompous britannica is an encyclopedia known for its scholarly and comprehensive content.
onlineI found the information I needed on Online britannica
helmetedHe gazed up at the giant helmeted britannica atop the downtown skyscraper.
conservativeScholars have long appreciated that the conservative britannica refrained from falling in with the prevailing zoological controversies of the day.
staidThe staid britannica enjoyed a good cigar and a glass of port.
originalI consulted the original britannica for information on the subject.
excellentI was very happy with the excellent britannica encyclopedia that I purchased.
laboriousThe laborious britannica took years to publish.
bulky"Bulky Britannica" weighed more than one hundred pounds.
italoLa più importante è la flotta italo britannica del Mediterraneo.
authoritativeThe authoritative britannica remains an indispensable reference for students and researchers alike.
nar1According to the NAR1 britannica Encyclopedia the entire globe is covered by water.
satisfactoryThe book gave a satisfactory britannica on the subject.
vauntedWe can also find the vaunted britannica among the shards
eleventhThe eleventh britannica published between 1910-1911, was significantly updated from its predecessor.
mightyThe mighty britannica is the oldest and best-known English-language encyclopedia.
9thI'll research the 9th britannica to find out.
prestigiousI am referring to the latest edition of the prestigious britannica
soberPepper asks, "Is this a Sober Britannica?" to the bewilderment of the Doghouse gang.
earlierThanks to earlier britannica we have a broad knowledge of the world.
residualDespite using a $200 million supercomputer, BioBritannica spent two years compiling the residual britannica 2004 code.

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