Adjectives for Broadcasting

Adjectives For Broadcasting

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing broadcasting, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe broadcasting can significantly alter the nuance of your sentence, reflecting different aspects of the media world. Whether it’s public broadcasting, emphasizing accessibility and community service, or commercial broadcasting, highlighting profit-driven content, each combination sets a distinct tone. Educational broadcasting’s goal is to inform and enlighten, while international broadcasting crosses borders to bring global stories. The evolution towards digital broadcasting marks a technological leap, and religious broadcasting serves specific spiritual needs. Every adjective opens a new perspective on how content is delivered and received. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that bring color and context to broadcasting below.
publicThe primary mission of public broadcasting is to provide high-quality programming that promotes educational and cultural enrichment.
commercialCommercial broadcasting has become increasingly popular in recent years.
educationalEducational broadcasting can provide valuable learning opportunities for people of all ages.
internationalThe BBC World Service is an international broadcasting organization.
digitalDigital broadcasting has revolutionized the way we consume media.
religiousThe religious broadcasting network promoted its programming on billboards across the state.
americanABC called its radio broadcasting system the American broadcasting System, or ABC.
directDirect broadcasting was a major breakthrough in the field of television broadcasting, allowing signals to be sent directly from satellites to homes.
britishThe British broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a British public service broadcaster.
soundI enjoy listening to sound broadcasting from various countries.
localThe local broadcasting station covered the event extensively.
terrestrialMeteorological data from the weather satellite is sent to the ground station via terrestrial broadcasting
nationalThe national broadcasting corporation has a wide reach.
politicalThe political broadcasting was very effective in swaying public opinion.
liveThe live broadcasting brings us the latest news instantly.
regularThe regular broadcasting across the nation has been a vital tool for emergency communication.
canadianThe Canadian broadcasting industry has grown significantly over the past decade.
satelliteThe satellite broadcasting offers a wide range of channels and services.
noncommercial"Noncommercial broadcasting" is a type of broadcasting that is not intended for profit.
europeanThe European broadcasting Union is the world's largest alliance of public service broadcasters.
foreignThe foreign broadcasting station aired propaganda against the government.
wirelessThe wireless broadcasting of the event reached millions of people.
waveRadio stations use wave broadcasting to transmit audio signals.
regionalThe company operates regional broadcasting channels in several states.
shortwaveShortwave broadcasting is a method of radio communication that uses high frequencies to transmit signals over long distances.
domesticThe company is responsible for domestic broadcasting of the World Cup.
serviceThe service broadcasting the programme is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information contained in the programme and for the observance of the provisions of the section.
traditionalTraditional broadcasting is a one-way communication channel from the sender to the receiver.
languageThe language broadcasting over the radio was hard to understand.
externalThe external broadcasting system is designed to reach audiences beyond the home country.
standardStandard broadcasting is a type of radio broadcasting that uses analog signals to transmit audio content over the airwaves.
germanThe German broadcasting Corporation is a public service broadcaster in Germany.
conventionalConventional broadcasting has been around for decades, but is still a popular way to reach a large audience.
independentThe television station maintains its independence thanks to independent broadcasting
unauthorizedUnauthorized broadcasting of copyrighted material is a serious offense.
globalGlobal broadcasting has become an essential tool for reaching audiences across the world.
experimentalThe experimental broadcasting system was a success.
ruralThe rural broadcasting system provides essential information to the remote communities.
overseasOverseas broadcasting gives us the point of view from other cultures.
christianChristian broadcasting reaches millions of people with messages of hope and inspiration.
ethnicEthnic broadcasting is a type of media broadcasting that targets a specific ethnic group.
stereophonicThe new stereophonic broadcasting system produces high-quality sound.
japaneseThe Japanese broadcasting company NHK has been broadcasting since 1925.
sovietI watched soviet broadcasting when I was young.
timeThe time broadcasting system is an innovative way to stay informed about the latest news and events.
transnationalThe transnational broadcasting company has offices in many countries.
clandestineThe clandestine broadcasting of unauthorized radio signals was strictly forbidden under penalty of imprisonment.
outsideThe crew loaded the equipment into the van for the outside broadcasting
australianI listened to the Australian broadcasting Corporation news this morning.
irish"The Irish broadcasting Act 2009 established the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) as the independent regulator for irish broadcasting."
instructionalInstructional broadcasting is a type of educational broadcasting that is designed to provide instruction to students.
electronicElectronic broadcasting enables the dissemination of information and entertainment on a massive scale.
networkNetwork broadcasting provides a convenient and efficient means of disseminating information over a network.
westThe west broadcasting is very clear today.
audioAudio broadcasting has become essential for connecting listeners to music, news, and information.
nationwideThe announcement will be shared via nationwide broadcasting
mainstreamMainstream broadcasting plays a central role in disseminating information and shaping public opinion.
aboriginalThe aboriginal broadcasting association advocates for the rights of aboriginal people in the broadcasting industry.
wiredThe neighborhood association is considering installing wired broadcasting throughout the community.
dutchDutch broadcasting includes public and commercial channels.
indigenousThe government has promised to invest more money in indigenous broadcasting
dayI watched live day broadcasting of the festival.
controlledThe new system will use controlled broadcasting to ensure that only authorized devices can access the network.

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