Adjectives for Brother

Adjectives For Brother

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing brother, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The choice of adjectives preceding the noun 'brother' articulates unique familial bonds and chronological nuances. Describing someone as your 'younger brother' subtly conveys a protective or mentoring relationship, whereas 'elder' or 'older brother' can imply respect and guidance. Using 'little brother' adds a tender, affectionate layer, revealing a deeply personal connection. The adjective 'own' emphasizes a sense of pride or personal attachment, distinguishing between biological and emotional ties. The term 'dear brother' encapsulates love, respect, and closeness. Each adjective brings its shade of meaning, transforming 'brother' from a mere word into a story rich with familial dynamics. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives that celebrate the multifaceted role of brothers in our lives below.
elderMy elder brother is a doctor.
olderMy older brother is a doctor.
littleMy little brother is always getting into trouble.
ownThe boy was adopted by his guardian, who was his own brother
dearI love you, dear brother
bigMy big brother always looks out for me.
eldestMy eldest brother is a doctor.
halfMy half brother and I share the same father but different mothers.
twinThe twin brother is sitting next to his sister.
oldestMy son's oldest brother is in college.
youngMy young brother loves to play video games.
onlyHe was very close to his only brother
poorMy poor brother has been struggling to find a job.
affectionateMy affectionate brother always gives me warm hugs.
deadHis youngest dead brother was last seen playing in the park behind their house.
belovedMy beloved brother is the kindest person I know.
thirdI called my third brother to fix the sink.
fosterI've been living with my foster brother for two years now.
deceasedI will always remember my deceased brother
stepI love my step brother very much.
dearestDearest brother I miss you very much.
royalThe prince is the second son of the royal brother
lostI was so happy to find my lost brother after all these years.
weakHe must be careful not to offend his weak brother
favoriteMy favorite brother is the one who always makes me laugh.
fourthThe fourth brother was a kind and generous man.
famousHe is the famous brother of the singer Halsey.
sickI need to take care of my sick brother
nobleThe noble brother of the knight was also a skilled swordsman.
worthyHe was a worthy brother and I shall miss him dearly.
faithfulI was always close to my faithful brother
unfortunateThe unfortunate brother was always getting into trouble.
bloodHe was like a blood brother to me, always there when I needed him.
favouriteMy favourite brother is the one who always makes me laugh.
illegitimateJohn found out that his illegitimate brother was the heir to the family fortune.
learnedMy learned brother did not believe my story.
handsomeMy handsome brother is a successful doctor.
erringThe erring brother was forgiven for his wrongdoing.
weakerThe weaker brother needs our help.
seniorI asked my senior brother for help with the homework.
infantMy infant brother is a joy to be around.
uterineThey shared the same uterine brother
illustriousMy illustrious brother has achieved great success in his career.
absentHis absent brother was never forgotten.
unmarriedMy unmarried brother lives in a small apartment near the city center.
reverendThe reverend brother led the congregation in prayer.
distinguishedThe distinguished brother gave a speech to the assembly.
venerableI have received your letter, venerable brother and I am grateful for your kind words.
fallenI'll avenge my fallen brother no matter the cost.
braveMy brave brother fought valiantly against the enemy.
devotedMy devoted brother has been with me through thick and thin.
offendingThe offending brother apologized to his siblings.
marriedI visited my married brother last weekend.
juniorHe was a kind junior brother to me.

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