Adjectives for Budget

Adjectives For Budget

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing budget, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a budget can significantly alter the emphasis and perception of financial discussions. Whether it's an annual budget that outlines yearly fiscal discipline, a total budget that summarizes all expenses, or a federal budget dictating national spending, each adjective brings its own unique shade of meaning. Delve into the implications of a national versus a balanced budget, or explore the nuances of a military budget in terms of defense allocation. These adjectives not only modify budgets but also highlight priorities, challenges, and strategic intents. Dive deeper into the fascinating world of budget descriptors with our comprehensive list below.
annualOur annual budget is now over a million dollars.
totalThe total budget for the project is $10,000.
federalThe federal budget is a plan for how the government will spend money for a given period of time.
nationalThe national budget has been increased by 10%.
balancedThe government presented a balanced budget for the upcoming fiscal year.
militaryThe military budget has been a major source of debate in recent years.
limitedOur project had a limited budget so we had to be creative with our spending.
generalWe need to increase the general budget for the next quarter.
overallWe need to keep our overall budget within a certain range.
entireThe entire budget was allocated for the project.
regularThe regular budget for the project was exceeded.
tightWe need to save money, so we're on a tight budget
currentThe current budget has been approved.
lowThe movie was made on a low budget but it was still a success.
fiscalThe fiscal budget for the next year has been approved by the parliament.
centralThe central budget has been approved by the parliament.
originalThe project exceeds its original budget by 10%.
flexibleThe company implemented a flexible budget to accommodate changes in production levels.
yearlyThe company needs to set a yearly budget for marketing expenses.
globalThe global budget for the project is expected to be around $10 million.
monthlyI've been working on my monthly budget and I'm trying to find ways to save money.
executiveThe executive budget totaled $250 million.
separateMany families create a separate budget for each family member.
finalThe company announced its final budget for the next quarter.
ordinaryThe ordinary budget does not include any extraordinary expenses.
largerThe larger budget allowed us to hire more staff.
initialThe initial budget for the project was set at $100,000.
municipalDue to cuts in the municipal budget we will not be able to afford a new park.
administrativeThe administrative budget for the year is $10,000.
modestThe project was completed under a modest budget
averageThe concert has a modest average budget of only 10 thousand dollars.
financialThe financial budget for the project has been approved.
educationalThe state government announced an educational budget of $100 million for the upcoming academic year.
detailedWe created a detailed budget for the project.
yearWe need to cut down our year budget
availableWe need to stay within the available budget
unbalancedThe state is facing a large and unbalanced budget
recurrent"Can we add an extra 3000 dollars to the recurrent budget? That should buy us 2 extra team members."
departmentalThe departmental budget was approved by the board of directors
adequateThe project was completed on time and within the adequate budget
unifiedThe unified budget shows the complete financial picture of a government.
consolidatedThe consolidated budget for the next fiscal year has been approved by the board.
preliminaryThe preliminary budget for the project was $1 million.
minimumThe minimum budget required to complete the project is $10,000.
operationalThe company's operational budget was $10 million for the year.
officialThe official budget for the project is expected to be released soon.
weeklyI'm trying to stick to my weekly budget of $100.
realisticWe must stick to a realistic budget for this project.
provincialThe provincial budget was unveiled last week.
hugeThe company allocated a huge budget for the upcoming project.
promotionalWe need to increase our promotional budget for the new product launch.
sovietThe Soviet budget for defense was very high.
tentativeWe have allocated a tentative budget of $100,000 for the project.
typicalThe typical budget for the project is around $100,000.
largestThe United States has the largest budget in the world.
dollarWe need to stick to the dollar budget because we don't have much money.
biggerThis year, we have a bigger budget to allocate.
offThe project is off budget by a significant amount.
itemThe item budget was approved by the board last week.
meagerWe managed to pull it off despite our meager budget
fixedThe project was completed within the fixed budget
unlimitedShe had an unlimited budget for her dream wedding.
extraordinaryThe extraordinary budget was approved by the Senate with a majority vote.
navalThe Pentagon announced a new naval budget to boost the Navy's fleet size.

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