Adjectives for Bundle

Adjectives For Bundle

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing bundle, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a bundle can significantly alter the conveyed message, enriching the text with precise detail and context. Describing a bundle as small or little immediately suggests modesty in size, perhaps indicating something personal or less significant. In contrast, a large bundle implies abundance or a hefty collection, often of items or resources. The term neurovascular bundle, however, transports us into the medical realm, emphasizing the complexity and specificity of the subject. Similarly, a medial bundle would hint at a specific location or orientation, adding a technical perspective. By selecting the appropriate adjective, such as whole, the nuance of entirety or completeness is subtly introduced, offering a holistic view. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can transform the simple noun 'bundle' into a vivid and precise descriptor.
smallShe carried a small bundle in her arms.
littleThe baby was sleeping soundly in her little bundle
neurovascularThe neurovascular bundle contains nerves and blood vessels.
largeThe horse carried a large bundle of hay on its back.
medial"The medial bundle composed of axons of dorsal column neurons, is located ventral to the gracile bundle and lateral to the cuneate bundle"
wholeThe whole bundle of hay was too heavy to lift.
bigI bought a big bundle of flowers for my mom.
longitudinalThe longitudinal bundle is a group of nerve fibers that run along the midline of the heart.
vascularThe vascular bundle is a complex structure that transports water, nutrients, and minerals throughout the plant.
singleThe patient complained of severe pain in his single bundle
sacredThe sacred bundle was a collection of objects considered sacred by the tribe.
hugeThe huge bundle of money was found in the attic.
tinyThe tiny bundle of joy slept soundly in her mother's arms.
heavyThe heavy bundle was too much for the old man to carry.
posteriorThey used the posterior bundle to stabilize the artery.
thickI picked up the thick bundle of papers and shuffled through them.
mereThe mere bundle of desires and emotions cannot be the ultimate goal of human life.
leftThe left bundle was on the right ventricular wall.
compactThe compact bundle was easily stored in the small compartment.
rightDr. Smith's right bundle branch block was revealed by the electrocardiogram.
whiteHe handed them a white bundle tied with twine.
neatShe tied the papers in a neat bundle and placed them on the desk.
entireHe wrapped the entire bundle in brown paper.
olivocochlearThe olivocochlear bundle projects from the superior olivary complex to the cochlea.
preciousThe newborn baby was a precious bundle of joy in her mother's arms.
tightThe suitcases were fastened in a tight bundle
centralThe central bundle of sepals forms a small, calyptriform involucre.
lateral"Lateral bundles" are formed from the girdle branches that innervate muscles derived from lateral mesoderm.
dorsalThe dorsal bundle was found to be significantly smaller in the mutants.
ventricularThe ventricular bundle is a structure in the heart that transmits electrical impulses from the atrioventricular node to the left and right ventricles.
tangentThe tangent bundle is a vector bundle over a smooth manifold.
complexThe complex bundle of nerves and blood vessels that supply the hand.
helixThe DNA helix bundle is a structural motif found in many proteins.
anteriorThe characteristic pathology of the anterior bundle is a blockage of the nerve impulses.
noradrenergicExtensive interactions exist between the mesopontine noradrenergic bundle and the dorsal raphe nucleus.
looseHe carried a loose bundle of sticks on his back.
inferiorThe inferior bundle is a part of the heart's conduction system.
parallelThe parallel bundle did not show any signs of significant degradation.
optimal"The optimal bundle includes a variety of services that meet the diverse needs of our customers."
medianThe researchers speculated that the median bundle may play a role in anomalies of the dorsal root ganglia.
shapelessThe shapeless bundle lay in the corner of the room.
narrowHe tied up the narrow bundle and placed it under the seat.
principalThe connections on a principal bundle can be defined in terms of the covariant derivative.
roundThe round bundle of hay rolled down the hill.
auriculoventricularThe impulses reach to the walls of the heart via a cluster of specialized conductive cardiac muscle fibers, also known as the bundle of His, which are a part of the conduction system of the heart, and specifically the auriculoventricular bundle
enormousThe enormous bundle of firewood was too heavy for me to lift on my own.
doubleThe doctor carried the double bundle into the delivery room.
shapedThey carefully squeezed the shaped bundle into the small opening.
coherentThe researcher was able to extract a coherent bundle of data from the experiment.
thinHe tied the thin bundle with string.
warmThe warm bundle of blankets kept the baby cozy.
softThe soft bundle of fur was warm and inviting.
fiberopticThe fiberoptic bundle was used to transmit light from the laser to the sample.
fibrovascularThe fibrovascular bundle is embedded in the connective tissue.
intercostalThe intercostal bundle contains both somatic and visceral nerve fibers.
axialThe radial fibers are assembled into the axial bundle which runs along the longitudinal axis of the muscle.
helicalHelical bundles are supersecondary structures composed of multiple helices.
niceThe website provides a nice bundle of interesting articles.
fatThe flower has a fat bundle of reddish fibers below the stigma.
mysteriousI was surprised when I saw the mysterious bundle lying on the doorstep.
cochlearThe cochlear bundle separated from the cochlea.
macularThe macular bundle contains retinal nerve fibers that merge and form the optic nerve.
bulkyThe bulky bundle of clothes weighed her down.
limpThe limp bundle of flowers was all that remained of the once-vibrant bouquet.
flatThe flat bundle was left on the doorstep.
cylindricalThe cylindrical bundle of nerves and blood vessels in the spinal cord is called the spinal cord itself.
massiveThe company was offering a massive bundle of services for just $99.
muscularThe muscular bundle of the arm was atrophied due to the lack of exercise.
brownThe brown bundle contained a collection of old letters.

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