Adjectives for Bureau

Adjectives For Bureau

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing bureau, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a bureau can significantly impact the perception of its function and authority. A central bureau implies a pivotal role within its network, coordinating efforts and policies. A new bureau suggests recent establishment, possibly to address emerging challenges or opportunities. The term local bureau brings to mind proximity and community-specific responsibilities, while a federal bureau evokes a sense of national governance and oversight. The word political can indicate a bureau's involvement in policy-making or political processes, and a national bureau typically refers to its broad scope across a country. Each adjective crafts a unique narrative, painting a picture of the bureau's mission, scale, and influence. Explore the complete list of adjectives to discover more nuanced descriptions.
centralThe central bureau of investigation is looking into the matter.
newThe new bureau is responsible for investigating financial crimes.
localThe local bureau has put out a missing person's report.
federalFederal bureau of Investigation apprehended the fugitive.
politicalThe political bureau is the highest decision-making body of the Chinese Communist Party.
nationalThe national bureau is responsible for collecting and analyzing data on the economy.
specialThe special bureau was responsible for investigating the most sensitive cases.
oldThe old bureau had many drawers filled with mementos.
publicThe public bureau is responsible for managing the city's finances.
permanentThe permanent bureau of the International Labour Organization is located in Geneva, Switzerland.
internationalThe international bureau is responsible for coordinating the activities of the organization.
officialI need to submit the form to the official bureau
statisticalThe statistical bureau released the latest economic data.
separateThe company operates from three separate bureaus.
municipalThe municipal bureau is responsible for city planning and development.
legislativeThe legislative bureau is responsible for drafting and reviewing legislation.
regionalThe regional bureau in Geneva is responsible for coordinating activities in Europe.
formerThe former bureau chief was convicted of corruption.
foreignThe newspaper's foreign bureau in London is responsible for covering news from Europe.
indianThe Indian bureau was established to oversee Native American affairs.
provincialThe provincial bureau has been working hard to improve the lives of its citizens.
independentThe independent bureau was responsible for investigating the incident.
administrativeThe administrative bureau was responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the company.
ordinatingThe new coordinating bureau ensures seamless collaboration and efficient decision-making.
militaryThe military bureau is responsible for the administration of the armed forces.
literary"Get that letter off to the literary bureau at once," he said.
executiveThe executive bureau met to discuss the company's financial performance.
governmentalThe governmental bureau was responsible for regulating the industry.
agriculturalThe agricultural bureau is responsible for overseeing the production and distribution of agricultural products.
legalThe legal bureau released a statement regarding the upcoming hearing.
medicalThe medical bureau is responsible for providing medical care to the employees of the company.
vocationalMy vocational bureau helped me find a new job.
juvenileThe juvenile bureau officers are working to help the young people in the community stay out of trouble.
commercialThe commercial bureau is responsible for regulating advertising in the country.
technical"We have a technical bureau in charge of our website maintenance."
industrialThe industrial bureau is responsible for promoting the development of industry and commerce.
centralizedThe bank's operations were overseen by a centralized bureau
manWho is in Man Bureau?
memberThe member bureau report contained classified information.
secretThe secret bureau was hiding in plain sight.
matrimonialThe matrimonial bureau provided a list of potential matches for the prospective groom.
courtesyThe courtesy bureau provided us with the contact information we needed.
brazilianThe Brazilian bureau of Statistics is responsible for collecting and disseminating statistical data on the Brazilian economy.
educationalThe educational bureau is responsible for regulating and supervising the educational system.
nearestI went to the nearest bureau to file a report.
norwegianWe met with the Norwegian bureau of Statistics last week.
powerfulThe powerful bureau had a reputation for being efficient and effective.
fashionedThe old fashioned bureau stood proudly in the corner of the bedroom.
efficientThe efficient bureau handled the paperwork quickly and accurately.
topographicalThe topographical bureau has been working on a new map of the area.
largestThe largest bureau in the country has a staff of over 1,000 employees.
australianWe didn't get details on the Australian bureau of Statistics.
calledI called bureau about my taxes.
imperialThe imperial bureau had recently been the object of much flattering notice.
jointThe joint bureau works to coordinate efforts between the two agencies.
outsideThe outside bureau was responsible for handling all external communications.
subThe sub bureau was responsible for processing the paperwork.
tallThe tall bureau stood majestically in the corner of the room.
referencesThe lawyer used the references bureau to find the witness she needed.
sovietThe members of the Soviet bureau were all highly trained and experienced.

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