Adjectives for Burst

Adjectives For Burst

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing burst, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Adjectives paired with the noun 'burst' vividly illustrate the intensity, timing, and magnitude of an event. A 'sudden burst' highlights its unexpected nature, while a 'first burst' can symbolize the initial occurrence that sparks a series of events. The term 'short burst' indicates a fleeting moment of intensity, contrasting with 'great burst,' which underscores the overwhelming force. The 'last burst' often conveys a final effort or explosion, and 'initial burst' marks the beginning of an activity. Each adjective uniquely shapes our understanding of the scenario, imbuing it with specific emotional and contextual nuances. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives that bring life to 'burst' and uncover the precise expression for every situation below.
suddenThe sudden burst of laughter filled the room.
firstThe first burst of sunlight came through the window.
shortThe short burst of energy gave her the strength to finish the race.
greatThe sudden, great burst of wind blew the papers off the desk.
lastThe last burst of energy was enough to push him over the finish line.
initialThe initial burst of the firework lit up the sky.
longThe rocket released a powerful, long burst of flame.
finalThe final burst of light illuminated the entire city.
secondThe second burst of fire forced the soldiers to take cover.
freshThe refreshing fragrance filled the air with a fresh burst
singleThe single burst of light illuminated the entire room.
loudThe fireworks erupted in a loud burst
briefThe brief burst of fireworks lit up the night sky, leaving behind a trail of shimmering stars.
oxidativeMacrophages release toxic compounds known as reactive oxygen intermediates in a process called oxidative burst
wildA wild burst of energy coursed through her veins.
quickThe quick burst of light startled the crowd.
tremendousThe tremendous burst of energy caused the window to shatter.
occasionalThere was an occasional burst of sunshine during the cloudy day.
violentThe violent burst of wind rattled the windows.
spontaneousOur spontaneous burst of laughter broke the tension in the room.
respiratoryThe respiratory burst is a rapid increase in oxygen consumption by phagocytic cells.
sharpThe bright flash of the sharp burst of light momentarily blinded her.
rayThe gamma ray burst was so powerful that it could be seen from Earth.
rapidThe rapid burst of lightning illuminated the night sky.
unexpectedThe song ended with an unexpected burst of energy.
roundThe fireworks exploded with a round burst of color.
universalThe universal burst of energy filled the room with an otherworldly glow.
lightThe light burst from the supernova illuminated the night sky.
intenseThe intense burst of light startled the onlookers.
terrificThe terrific burst of light blinded everyone in the room.
gloriousThe fireworks exploded in a glorious burst of color.
explosiveThe explosive burst tore through the sky, leaving behind a trail of smoke and debris.
rareAmidst the tranquil forest, a rare burst of color illuminated the path.
hugeThe explosion released a huge burst of energy.
sunThe sun burst through the clouds, casting a golden glow on the landscape.
extraordinaryThe extraordinary burst of energy propelled the rocket into the vast expanse of space.
momentaryThe momentary burst of light was blinding.
extraAnna gave an extra burst of effort to finish the race.
furiousThe furious burst of wind shattered the windows with a deafening crash.
brilliantThe castle lit up with a brilliant burst of light.
magnificentThe fireworks exploded in a magnificent burst of colors and light.
terribleThe terrible burst of thunder shook the house to its foundations.
grandThe grand burst of fireworks illuminated the night sky.
remarkableThe star appeared with a remarkable burst of light.
heartyThe hearty burst of flavor overwhelmed my taste buds.
gunThe gun burst into life, sending bullets flying in all directions.
unusualThe spectacle was mesmerizing, filled with unusual bursts of color and sound.
brightThe fireworks exploded with a bright burst of color.
prolongedThe prolonged burst of gunfire startled the townspeople.
sustainedThe weapon fired a sustained burst of rounds.
nuclearThe sudden nuclear burst illuminated the night sky.
mightyThe geyser erupted in a mighty burst sending hot water and steam high into the air.
splendidThe fireworks painted the night sky with a splendid burst of color.
fierceThe thunder roared in a fierce burst shaking the windows of the old house.
uncontrollableThe roar of the crowd erupted into an uncontrollable burst of pandemonium.
simultaneousThe simultaneous burst of light startled the audience.
enormousThe enormous burst of energy illuminated the entire sky.
starThe star burst was a magnificent sight to behold.
transientThe transient burst of light caught the astronomer's attention.
instantaneousThe instantaneous burst of light was blinding.
joyousThe crowd erupted in a joyous burst of cheers.
opticalThe optical burst phenomenon is still not fully understood.

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