Adjectives for Business

Adjectives For Business

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing business, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a business can significantly alter the perception of its scale, ownership, and scope. A small business evokes images of a cozy, locally-owned shop, while a big business suggests a sprawling corporation with global reach. The distinction between private and public businesses further nuances understanding, indicating ownership and investment differences. A whole business approach indicates a comprehensive strategy, emphasizing totality in operations. These adjectives convey more than just size or type; they shape our understanding of a business's identity and strategy. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can describe a business and the unique shades of meaning they add below.
ownI need you to take care of your own business
bigThe small business owners are worried about big businesses moving into their neighborhood.
wholeThe whole business was a disaster.
smallBob's small business was thriving in the local community.
privateThe company wants to keep its private business confidential.
publicThe city council will discuss public business at their next meeting.
seriousThis was no longer a game, it was serious business now.
importantI have some important business to attend to.
americanAmerican businesses are thriving in the global economy.
unfinishedI have many loose ends and unfinished business that I must take care of before I leave.
realHe has been involved in real business for a long time.
internationalI am going to a conference on international business next week.
officialThe official business concluded with the signing of the document.
profitableI need to start a profitable business soon.
successfulThe successful business has thrived in the local market for years.
muchThe company is doing much business with China.
mainThe main business of this company is selling software.
retailThe retail business has been booming in recent years.
badThat was bad business and I won't be dealing with them again.
ordinaryThe business completed its ordinary business during the month.
urgentI'm so sorry, but I can't talk right now. I have urgent business to attend to.
legitimateThe company claims to be a legitimate business but I'm not so sure.
chiefThe chief business of the company is the production of steel.
wholesaleThe wholesale business is booming in this area.
lucrativeOnline gambling has become a lucrative business in recent years.
dailyDaily business matters can be expected to take place as usual.
thrivingThe family-owned restaurant has been a thriving business for decades.
commercialThe company's commercial business is growing rapidly.
regularThe shop will be closed for regular business on Thursday and Friday.
principalThe principal business of the company is the manufacture and sale of computer hardware.
activeThe company has been in active business for over 20 years.
extensiveHer extensive business dealings have taught her some valuable lessons.
routineWe conducted the routine business of the company during the meeting.
difficultStarting a new business is a difficult business
trickyNegotiating with those tricky businessmen is a tricky business
dangerousSeeking revenge is dangerous business
mercantileThe mercantile business was booming in the city.
competitiveThe success of any online business is determined by its ability to thrive in the competitive business market.
dayThe day business was booming.
complicatedNegotiating international agreements can be a complicated business
globalThe company's global business has been expanding rapidly in recent years.
briskThe shop did brisk business all day long.
funnyI'm not going to tolerate any funny business here.
nonHis non business activities are numerous and varied.
flourishingThe company's flourishing business in the tech industry made it a prime target for acquisition.
basedOur rigid adherence to ethical principles has enabled us to build a based business
judicialThe judge presiding over the judicial business was fair and impartial.
sadThe decline in stock prices is a sad business

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