Adjectives for Businesses

Adjectives For Businesses

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing businesses, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe businesses can significantly impact the impression you convey. Whether highlighting the entrepreneurial spirit of new businesses, the community touch of local businesses, or the diversity within many businesses, each adjective adds a unique shade of meaning. It's about distinguishing among the familiar and the groundbreaking, the homegrown and the widespread. For startups and conglomerates alike, the adjective chosen can illuminate their place in the market, their scale, and their relationship with customers. The words we use shape the narrative. Dive deeper into understanding how these adjectives unfold a world of nuances with our comprehensive list below.
smallMany small businesses in the area have been struggling due to the economic downturn.
otherOther businesses were affected as well.
manyMany businesses have been forced to close due to the pandemic.
newStarting new businesses is a great way to create jobs.
localShopping locally supports local businesses
mostMost businesses are struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic.
privateMany private businesses have been forced to close due to the pandemic.
ownThey started their own businesses after graduating.
ownedDue to the pandemic, the number of owned businesses in the city has decreased.
largeLarge businesses dominate the market, but small businesses still have a place.
americanMany american businesses are struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic.
successfulSuccessful businesses often have strong leadership and a clear vision.
smallerSmaller businesses have a lot to gain from partnering with larger companies.
retailMany retail businesses are struggling to keep up with the changing consumer landscape.
foreignMany foreign businesses have found success in the country.
individualThe government has adopted new regulations that will impact individual businesses
relatedThe company has a number of related businesses including a chain of retail stores.
basedThere are many based businesses in the city.
blackBlack businesses have been a cornerstone of the community for decades.
largerLarger businesses tend to have more resources, such as capital and labor.
legitimateLegitimate businesses contributed substantially to the local economy.
chineseThe Chinese businesses in the area are thriving.
commercialCommercial businesses are important contributors to their local economies.
independentMany independent businesses are struggling to survive during the pandemic.
profitableThey run three profitable businesses
japaneseJapanese businesses are known for their efficiency and innovation.
unincorporatedUnincorporated businesses are subject to different rules and regulations than incorporated businesses.
scaleWe help our clients scale businesses by providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed.
separate. Two separate businesses have been set up by her.
largestThe largest businesses in the world are often publicly traded.
sizedThe government provides specialized assistance to small and mid-sized businesses.
numerousNumerous businesses have been forced to close due to the pandemic.
orientedThere are many oriented businesses in the area.
runThe agency helps businesses run businesses
koreanKorean businesses are known for their innovation and high quality products.
globalGlobal businesses are increasingly seeking to expand their reach into new markets.
unrelatedOur organization has interests in several unrelated businesses ranging from manufacturing to healthcare.
profitProfit businesses will grow in the coming years.
ethnicThe town is home to a variety of ethnic businesses including a Chinese restaurant, a Vietnamese grocery store, and an Ethiopian coffee shop.
competitiveCompetitive businesses often engage in intensive marketing strategies to gain market share.
onlineMany online businesses offer discounts and promotions to attract customers.
wholesaleThe large wholesale businesses had widespread operations.
corporateCorporate businesses are often driven by profit rather than social responsibility.
canadianCanadian businesses are resilient and innovative.
asianAsian businesses are an important part of the global economy.
intensiveIntensive businesses such as steel production, require a large amount of capital investment.
respectiveThe company executives discussed the financial performance of their respective businesses
multinationalMultinational businesses have a global reach and operate in multiple countries.
illegalThe police raided several illegal businesses in the city center.
viableViable businesses are those that have a sustainable competitive advantage.
lucrativeReal estate and banking are examples of lucrative businesses
entrepreneurialEntrepreneurial businesses especially in the tech sector, are often seen as the engine of economic growth in many countries.
techTech businesses are increasingly investing in artificial intelligence.
informalMany informal businesses are struggling to survive during the pandemic.
biggestApple, Amazon, and Microsoft are the biggest businesses in the world.

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