Adjectives for Buyer

Adjectives For Buyer

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing buyer, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a buyer can drastically alter the perception of your sentence, providing subtle nuances that can influence the reader's understanding. A prospective buyer implies one who is considering a purchase, while a potential buyer might not yet be aware they want or need the item. A single buyer suggests purchasing without partners or dependents, whereas a foreign buyer introduces the concept of cross-border transactions. Mentioning a willing buyer indicates readiness and eagerness, while the largest buyer connotes a significant impact on sales or market. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives to discover the perfect fit for your context.
prospectiveThe prospective buyer has expressed serious interest in purchasing the property.
potentialOur most potential buyer for this estate is looking to close by the end of next week.
singleThis contract is an example of a single buyer sole source contract.
foreignThe foreign buyer made a large purchase of the company's stock.
willingThe willing buyer paid the asking price for the historic home.
largestChina is the largest buyer of Indonesian coal.
individualThe individual buyer was responsible for the majority of the purchases.
averageThe average buyer is usually looking for a good deal.
assistantThe assistant buyer helped the store manager with the daily tasks.
onlyThe only buyer of the painting was the artist himself.
localThe local buyer bought the old house on the hill.
originalThe original buyer of the house had to sell it due to financial difficulties.
particularThis furniture is tailored to the needs of a particular buyer
timeThe media time buyer negotiated a better rate for the ad campaign.
americanThe American buyer arrived on time for the meeting.
privateThe private buyer purchased the rare stamp for a record-breaking price.
retailThe retail buyer is responsible for sourcing and purchasing goods for a retail store.
majorThe major buyer of our products is a large retail chain.
typicalThe typical buyer will be a person who is looking for a new home.
soleThe sole buyer of the property was a corporation.
chiefThe chief buyer is responsible for overseeing all purchasing activities within the company.
ultimateThe ultimate buyer of the product will be responsible for its maintenance and upkeep.
readyWe have a ready buyer for your property.
possibleThe possible buyer is interested in purchasing the property.
overseasThe overseas buyer was very satisfied with the product.
biggestThe biggest buyer of this product is a large corporation.
bigThe big buyer placed a huge order for the latest gadgets.
industrialThe industrial buyer placed a large order for steel.
interestedThe interested buyer offered a fair price for the property.
principalThe principal buyer of the company was a large investment firm.
informedThe informed buyer made a wise decision after carefully considering all the options.
marginalThe marginal buyer is the last consumer to purchase a product or service.
finalThe final buyer will pay after the delivery of goods.
wholesaleShe is a wholesale buyer at a discount store.
experiencedThe experienced buyer quickly negotiated a fair price for the property.
professionalThe professional buyer carefully analyzed the market trends before making a final decision.
qualifiedThe qualified buyer will be contacted by the seller for further details.
conditionalThe seller agreed to terms with a conditional buyer
seriousThe serious buyer made an offer on the house that was accepted.
successfulThe successful buyer was able to purchase the home for a fair price.
ordinaryThe store is open to the ordinary buyer on Fridays.
shrewdThe shrewd buyer carefully inspected the item before making a purchase.
carefulThe careful buyer inspected the product thoroughly before making a purchase.
wiseA wise buyer compares prices before making a purchase.
eagerThe eager buyer was willing to pay top dollar for the rare collectible.
japaneseThe Japanese buyer paid for the car in American dollars
outsideThe outside buyer offered a higher price than the original buyer.
prudentThe prudent buyer carefully considered all options before making a decision.
independentMany car dealerships have an independent buyer who comes to the dealership to evaluate a trade-in.
smartThe smart buyer always compares prices before making a purchase.
netThe company is a net buyer in the market.
seniorThe senior buyer is responsible for negotiating pricing and terms with vendors.
hypotheticalThe hypothetical buyer could be interested in this property.
intelligentThe intelligent buyer carefully researched the product before making a decision.
corporateThe corporate buyer negotiated a favorable price for the equipment.
strategicThe strategic buyer wanted to purchase the smaller company to gain access to its patents.
likelyThe likely buyer will be contacted soon.
suitableI am looking for a suitable buyer for my car.
hairThe hair buyer examined the long, flowing locks.
frequentShe is a frequent buyer at this store.
expertThe expert buyer reviewed the contract and noticed a discrepancy.
inexperiencedThe inexperienced buyer purchased the used car without having it inspected by a mechanic.
institutionalInstitutional buyers are large organizations that buy goods and services in bulk.
innocentThe new owner was an innocent buyer having no knowledge of the property's hidden defects.
discriminatingThe discriminating buyer is willing to pay a premium price for a quality product.
defaultingThe defaulting buyer failed to make the final payment on the house.
knowledgeableAs the knowledgeable buyer of the property, I recommend that you have a real estate agent represent you.
unsuspectingThe unsuspecting buyer was unaware of the hidden defects in the car.
competitiveThe competitive buyer in the housing market made it difficult for first-time homebuyers to find affordable housing.

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