Adjectives for Buying

Adjectives For Buying

Explore our comprehensive guide to understand the adjectives for buying, including worth, cooperative, speculative, and installment. Each adjective is presented within a contextually rich sentence to enhance your understanding and vocabulary. Perfect for enhancing your buying-related conversations or writings.

worthThe new car is worth buying
cooperativeThe cooperative buying group saved money on their bulk grocery order.
speculativeSpeculative buying is a strategy that involves buying an asset in the hope that its value will increase, providing a good return on investment.
installmentWith installment buying you can purchase items and pay for them over time.
compulsiveShe had a compulsive buying disorder and would often spend all of her money on unnecessary items.
directWe are able to support your direct buying activities to enhance your procurement process.
voteVote buying was a rampant problem in the election.
actualThe actual buying process was quick and easy.
heavyThere was heavy buying of the stock after the announcement of the merger.
operativeThe company is focusing on operative buying to reduce costs.
moreI decided to wait, but she was already out doing more buying
muchOur much buying is making us poor.
forwardThe company opted for forward buying to secure future supplies at a lower price.
competitiveDue to competitive buying the company decided to increase their production.
wholesaleThe company is engaged in wholesale buying and distribution of various products.
foreignForeign buying of Chinese stocks is restricted by law.
centralWe are looking for a service that provides a central buying functionality.
scaleThe grocery store is having a scale buying event this weekend.
retailRetail buying is the process of selecting merchandise, determining quantities, and negotiating the terms of purchase so that the merchandise is available when, where, and in the quantities and quality that the customer wants.
carefulI sometimes make a list for careful buying at the grocery store.
intelligentIntelligent buying involves doing research, comparing products, and making informed choices.
bulkI prefer bulk buying to save money and time.
centralizedCentralized buying allows for greater efficiency and cost savings.
wiseWise buying is a very good habit
industrialIndustrial buying is a complex process that involves many different factors.
reciprocalWe utilize our influence to promote reciprocal buying by asking sellers of one product or service to purchase another product or service from us.
organizationalOrganizational buying considers the buying behavior of companies, organizations, or institutions that purchase goods and services to support their operations.
collectiveCollective buying allows consumers to purchase goods or services in bulk at a discounted price.
bookI enjoy book buying very much.
illicitThe illicit buying of weapons is a serious problem.
jointWe can save money by joint buying groceries with our neighbors.
onlineI prefer online buying because it's more convenient and I can compare prices easily.
impulseHer impulse buying habit led to a mountain of debt.
excessiveExcessive buying can lead to financial difficulties.
mereThe mere buying of a toy can bring joy.
impulsiveSarah's impulsive buying habit led her to accumulate a large amount of unnecessary items.
efficientEfficient buying entails planning purchases in advance to minimize waste and maximize savings.
overWe could avoid over buying if we planned our meals ahead of time.
simultaneousCustomers rushed to make simultaneous buying as soon as the discount was offered.
activeThe company has engaged in active buying of its own shares in the market.
successfulThe acquisition was a successful buying
institutionalInstitutional buying refers to large-scale purchases made by organizations such as hospitals, schools, and government agencies.
economicalEconomical buying involves purchasing goods and services that offer the best value for their cost.
officialThe official buying rate for the euro is 1.12 against the dollar.
preclusiveThe pharmaceutical company's preclusive buying practices stifled competition and raised drug prices.
futureShe calculated her future buying power after winning the lottery.
frequentThe store offered incentives to frequent buying customers.
comfortableI prefer to shop for clothes that are comfortable buying online.
ordinaryThe ordinary buying of items was a daily routine.
seasonalSeasonal buying caused a spike in prices during the holiday season.
homeThe couple considered home buying after renting for several years.
extensiveExtreme sports enthusiasts can engage in extensive buying of gear and equipment.
lessI prefer less buying and more mending when it comes to clothes.
aggressiveThe stock market experienced aggressive buying on Monday as investors sought to capitalize on the recent market dip.
constantThe constant buying of clothes was starting to get out of hand.
judiciousOur judicious buying practices have helped us stay within budget.
orderI placed an order buying 100 shares of Apple stock at $100 per share.
panicPeople rushed to stores in a panic buying spree as rumors of an impending lockdown spread.
illegalIllegal buying is a serious offense that can have severe consequences.
anticipatoryHe was involved in anticipatory buying of winter clothes at the mall.
soleThe sole buying option is available only to members.
outsideThe company's outside buying of components helped to improve profitability.
shrewdThe shrewd buying of the company's new equipment helped them to cut costs.
widespreadThe recent news about the discovery of a new cancer treatment has led to widespread buying of the company's stock.
netThe net buying of shares suggests that investors are still confident in the company's long-term prospects.
recklessHer reckless buying habits left her in a deep financial hole.
indiscriminateWe should avoid indiscriminate buying during the holiday season.
unwiseUnwise buying can lead to financial difficulties.

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