Adjectives for Call

Adjectives For Call

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing call, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the nuances of using adjectives with the noun 'call' can deeply enhance the meaning conveyed in a sentence. A 'first call' evokes a sense of beginning or priority, whereas a 'last call' suggests finality or a last chance. A 'close call' indicates a narrowly avoided situation, emphasizing tension or relief. 'Second' and 'next' calls highlight sequence and anticipation, directing attention to what follows. An 'urgent call' demands immediate attention, conveying a sense of importance and emergency. Each adjective choice shapes the context and emotional impact of the 'call'. Discover the full spectrum of descriptive possibilities and the subtle shifts in meaning they bring to the conversation below.
firstHe was the first call in the morning.
lastThe bartender announced it was last call
closeI had a close call when I almost crashed my car.
secondI will be there in a jiffy, this is my second call today.
nextThe next call will be announced on the loudspeaker.
urgentI received an urgent call from the hospital.
rollPlease answer to roll call by stating your name and position.
longThe long call reached him at midnight.
divineThe divine call echoed through the void, beckoning the chosen one to embark on a sacred quest.
singleI could do it all in a single call
distanceThe distance call was clear and concise.
finalThe final call for boarding will be made in five minutes.
sickThe soldier reported to sick call with a fever and chills.
recursiveThe function made a recursive call to itself.
loudThe bird's loud call echoed through the forest.
incomingI received an incoming call from my friend.
clearThe judge made a clear call on the disputed player's status.
personalI'm sorry, I can't take any personal calls at this time.
quickI'll give you a quick call when I have an update.
initialI received an initial call from headquarters this morning.
frenchThe french call it petit pois.
suddenThe sudden call prompted him to rush to the hospital.
thirdI missed the bus, and this is my third call to a taxi.
formalThe formal call was made to inform the guests of the event's details.
simpleHe made a simple call to his mother.
remoteThe remote call failed due to a network error.
anonymousI received an anonymous call from a blocked number.
unexpectedShe hung up the phone after an unexpected call from her estranged husband.
franticShe made a frantic call to her husband.
minuteI'm sorry, but I don't have any information on 'minute call'.
officialThe official call came in the fourth quarter.
immediatePlease give the customer an immediate call to confirm their order.
briefI'll give you a brief call after the meeting.
friendlyI received a friendly call from my friend yesterday.
coldHe made a cold call to potential clients yesterday.
shrillThe screech owl's shrill call made the dogs bark.
occasionalHe only gets an occasional call from his parents.
toughIt was a tough call but I don't think another meeting is necessary.
bugleThe bugle call echoed through the crisp morning air, summoning the soldiers to action.
usualHe never answered his usual call
unanimousThe unanimous call for unity was heard across the nation.
chineseChinese call it guozi.
subsequentThe subsequent call to the API failed due to an error
dailyI had a daily call with my team this morning.
strangeI got a strange call from a number I didn't recognise.
propheticThe prophetic call of the ancient seer still echoes through the ages.
universalThis is a universal call to all who are willing to listen.
mysteriousMy phone rang in the dead of night, a mysterious call that sent shivers down my spine.
distantThe distant call echoed through the empty valley.
familiarThe familiar call of the birds filled the air.
routineThe mechanic scheduled a routine call for tomorrow.
stirringThe stirring call to action galvanized the crowd.

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