Adjectives for Calling

Adjectives For Calling

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing calling, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'calling' conveys a profound sense of purpose and direction, and the adjectives that pair with it can significantly affect its nuance. A 'high calling' suggests a noble or elevated purpose, while an 'own calling' emphasizes personal discovery and fulfillment. The phrase 'higher calling' takes it a step further, hinting at a spiritual or divine purpose. 'Sacred calling' adds a layer of sanctity and reverence, indicating a duty beyond the mundane. A 'true calling' speaks to authenticity and finding one's genuine path in life. Conversely, a 'cold calling' shifts the context to a more mundane and challenging sphere of unsolicited approaches in sales or marketing. Each adjective unlocks a new shade of meaning, offering a rich palette to describe our quests and aspirations. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'calling' to capture the essence of your journey.
highThe high calling of a doctor is to heal the sick and comfort the dying.
ownI found my own calling in life when I started volunteering at the local animal shelter.
higherMy higher calling is to help others in need.
sacredThe author believes writing to be her sacred calling
trueMy true calling is to help others.
holy"Work is an instrument of God, a holy calling" - Calvin Miller
divineHer divine calling led her to a life of service to others.
specialHer special calling was to protect the defenseless.
particularHe felt that the ministry was his particular calling in life.
nameThe boy was upset by all the name calling he received at school.
effectualThe effectual calling of God is irresistible and efficacious.
highestA surgeon's highest calling is to save lives.
religiousShe felt a strong religious calling to help others.
nobleMedicine is a noble calling that requires dedication and compassion.
heavenlyHer heavenly calling led her to devote her life to helping others.
spiritualMia's spiritual calling led her on a path of self-discovery and enlightenment.
lawfulI am pursuing my lawful calling as a writer.
honestHe said lying is against his principle and a thief is not an honest calling
professionalHer professional calling was to help others achieve their full potential.
honorableTeaching is an honorable calling
properAnswering the telephone is part of his proper calling
propheticHe yearned to study for the priesthood because he believed in his prophetic calling
secularThe secular calling is one of the most important aspects of a person's life.
humbleHer humble calling as a teacher brought joy to many lives.
priestlyJohn answered the priestly calling with great zeal and devotion.
honourableWorking as a nurse is an honourable calling
ordinaryThe concept of an ordinary calling is one of the most basic principles of Calvinist theology.
christianHis Christian calling led him to volunteer at the local homeless shelter.
traditionalHer talent for sewing was her traditional calling
regularHe was tired of his regular calling as a plumber.
literaryThe author pursued his literary calling with unwavering determination.
mereThe mere calling of her name brought back a flood of memories.
peculiarHer peculiar calling as a fortune teller surprised all who knew her.
worldlyI will continue to fulfill my worldly calling as a teacher.
usefulThe customer service representative answered the useful calling and resolved the issue immediately.
apostolicHis apostolic calling was to spread the gospel.
hereditaryHereditary calling drove her to pursue a career in medicine.
dailyHer daily calling included cleaning the house and preparing meals.
artisticHer artistic calling led her to create beautiful works of art.
loudThe loud calling of the birds woke me up at dawn.
dangerousThe secret agent's dangerous calling put him in harm's way on a daily basis.
ministerialThe ministerial calling is a noble one.
hogThe farmer's hog calling echoed through the valley.
pastoralThe pastor felt a strong pastoral calling to serve the community.
legitimateThe organization has a legitimate calling to serve the community.
innerHer inner calling drove her to pursue her passion for art.
selectiveSelective calling is used to contact a particular ship or coast station from among several.
respectableBeing a plumber is a respectable calling
uniqueEach individual has a unique calling in life.
poeticHer poetic calling was undeniable, as her words flowed effortlessly from her pen.
peacefulThe monk's peaceful calling was to study and meditate.
inwardWe are called by the mountains within, an inward calling that draws us away from the world.
distanceI made a distance calling to my parents last night.
lucrative"It is a lucrative calling," he said.
perilousThe perils of his perilous calling had left their mark upon him.
loftyThe doctor answered the lofty calling to protect lives.
vocationalHer lifelong vocational calling was to teach underprivileged children.

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