Adjectives for Calls

Adjectives For Calls

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing calls, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe calls can subtly change the context and tone of a sentence, offering insights into both volume and origin. For instance, many calls might suggest a busy day at the office, while few calls could imply a quieter, perhaps more manageable day. Likewise, local calls indicate proximity and perhaps a sense of community, whereas distance calls evoke thoughts of faraway friends or international business. Adjectives like more and several further refine our understanding of the quantity, adding layers of nuance. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with calls to discover the subtle differences they convey.
manyI am getting many calls from unknown numbers.
fewThere were few calls for the services of a plumber.
severalMy phone has received several calls in the afternoon.
moreThere were more calls to the hotline this month.
localThe plan includes 100 local calls per month.
distanceI made several distance calls to my parents during my trip.
incomingPlease forward all incoming calls to my extension.
internationalInternational calls are often expensive and unreliable.
personalThe office prohibits personal calls during work hours.
frequentI appreciate your frequent calls to check in on me.
closeI have had several close calls due to my carelessness.
longThe trader lost a lot of money on long calls
recursiveThe program utilizes recursive calls in order to analyze the input data.
loudThe howler monkeys disturbed the peace of the forest with their loud calls
numerousI received numerous calls from the unknown number.
coldI've been making cold calls all day, and I'm not getting anywhere.
subsequentThe defendant failed to appear for three subsequent calls
urgentPlease reach out to the support team if you have any urgent calls
outgoingOur outgoing calls have been increasing lately.
furtherThe authorities have not ruled out making further calls for information.
regularMy grandmother makes regular calls to all of her children.
dailyShe always forgets our daily calls
freeI made a lot of free calls with this app.
franticHer frantic calls for help were ignored.
remoteWith remote calls you can access a remote service without exposing your actual IP address.
anonymousShe was receiving multiple anonymous calls that made her fearful for her safety.
multipleI received multiple calls on my phone yesterday.
occasionalThe occasional calls throughout the day broke the silence of the office.
constantThe constant calls from the telemarketer were driving him crazy.
rollThe teacher took roll calls before starting the lesson.
sickThe doctor made sick calls to his patients.
routineThe routine calls were added to the maintenance plan.
formalThe formal calls will be made by the state department.
fewerI received fewer calls yesterday than the day before.
officialI take official calls for the company.
domesticThe company offers unlimited domestic calls with their new phone plan.
duty"Duty calls," the commander said, his voice firm and unwavering.
successiveThe program crashed after successive calls to the same function.
standardWe received standard calls about security last night.
necessaryThe doctor will make the necessary calls to the insurance company.
birdThe chirping of birds filled the air with beautiful bird calls
overseasI need to block all overseas calls from unfamiliar numbers.
simultaneousThe system is equipped to handle multiple simultaneous calls
nightThe night calls beckoned me to adventure.
asynchronousSeveral asynchronous calls were made to the server to retrieve the data.
pastoralThe pastor made pastoral calls to all of the members of the congregation.
outsideThe office does not accept outside calls
weeklyWe had our weekly calls to go over the latest updates.
endlessThe company's customer service department is swamped with endless calls
unnecessaryThe phone rang incessantly with unnecessary calls
periodicThey had periodic calls to discuss the project's progress.
strangeI missed a few strange calls from an unknown number.
angryThe angry calls kept coming in.
bugleThe bugle calls echoed through the valley, signaling the start of the battle.
shrillThe parrots' shrill calls could be heard from miles away.
incessantThe incessant calls from the debt collector made it impossible to concentrate on her work.
macroThe macro calls are processed before the function is executed.
mobileI received a lot of mobile calls yesterday.
toughShe had to make some tough calls to organize the project.

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