Adjectives for Capacity

Adjectives For Capacity

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing capacity, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the different adjectives used with 'capacity' can uncover a world of nuanced understanding, from the straightforward 'full capacity', denoting something at its limits, to the more complex 'productive capacity', highlighting potential and efficiency. Words like 'high' and 'limited' further elaborate on the extent of capacity, indicating abundance or scarcity respectively. 'Excess capacity' alerts to underutilization, a state ripe for optimization. Each adjective paints a vivid picture of availability, potential, or limitation, offering a deeper insight into the subject at hand. Delve into the full array of descriptive possibilities to enhance your understanding and usage of 'capacity'.
productiveThe growing demand for housing has exceeded our productive capacity
totalThe total capacity of the stadium is 50,000 people.
fullThe stadium reached full capacity for the eagerly anticipated championship game.
highThe new battery has a high capacity
excessThe factory is running at excess capacity
limitedThe auditorium has a limited capacity
greater"They built a greater capacity reservoir by the summer."
vitalThe vital capacity of the lungs is the maximum volume of air that can be expelled from the lungs after a maximal inspiration.
functionalThe patient's functional capacity has been slowly declining over the past few months.
maximumThe stadium is operating at maximum capacity
intellectualHer intellectual capacity is extraordinary.
officialThe mayor spoke in his official capacity as the city's representative.
carryingThe carrying capacity of the environment is the maximum population size that can be sustained indefinitely given the available resources.
lowThe car's low capacity means it can only carry a limited number of passengers.
sufficientWe decided to discontinue production of this model due to insufficient capacity.
bindingThe binding capacity of this solution is very high.
absorptiveThe company's absorptive capacity helps it to quickly adapt to new technologies and market trends.
physicalHer increasing physical capacity to work varied settings allowed her to complete several different projects.
industrialThe industrial capacity of the country has increased significantly in recent years.
additionalThe new equipment will provide us with additional capacity to handle the increased workload.
advisoryThe consultant worked in an advisory capacity on the project.
annualThe annual capacity of the plant has exceeded the initial estimates.
militaryWith its massive military capacity the empire conquered vast territories.
availableThe system has limited available capacity during peak hours.
administrativeThe administrative capacity of the organization has been strengthened through the implementation of new systems and procedures.
residualThe residual capacity of the battery is 75%.
legalThe person was granted legal capacity after a long court battle.
reproductiveThe reproductive capacity of the population is declining due to environmental factors.
institutionalThe organization had a strong institutional capacity to manage complex projects.
averageThe average capacity of the stadium is 50,000.
aerobicAerobic capacity is the ability of the body to use oxygen during exercise.
ultimateThe ultimate capacity of the stadium had never been reached before.
potentialHe has the potential capacity to become a successful businessman.
largerThis new model boasts a larger capacity than its predecessor.
holdingThe reservoir's holding capacity is 10 million gallons.
installedThe installed capacity of the power plant is 1,000 megawatts.
innateShe had an innate capacity for understanding complex systems.
professionalIn his professional capacity he handled numerous high-profile cases.
adequateThis room has adequate capacity for the expected number of guests.
remarkableThe renowned professor displayed a remarkable capacity for recalling obscure historical details.
spareThe factory is running at spare capacity
cognitiveThis study demonstrates that attention training can enhance cognitive capacity by 30%.
thermalThe thermal capacity of water is 4.19 J/g°C.
makingCompared with reference, making capacity of HEK-293T cells reduced after transfection with si-Runx1.
dailyThe daily capacity of the plant is 100,000 units.
unusedThe factory is operating at 70% of its unused capacity
technicalThe team needs more technical capacity to complete the project on time.
utmostThe team worked at their utmost capacity to complete the project on time.
extraordinaryThe robot had extraordinary capacity for learning and adapting to new situations.
corporateThe company acted in its corporate capacity when it signed the contract.
idleThe factory has a lot of idle capacity due to the recent economic downturn.
lessThe computer had less capacity than expected.
latterHe served both in his personal and in his latter capacity
enormousThe enormous capacity of the battery meant it could last for days.
diminishedThe witness's testimony was considered unreliable due to his diminished capacity
cubicThe cubic capacity of the engine refers to the volume of the cylinders when the pistons are displaced.
adaptiveThe adaptive capacity of a system is its ability to adjust to changing conditions and maintain its function.
nuclearThe country's nuclear capacity has been increasing steadily over the past decade.
maximalThe machine was running at maximal capacity
organizationalThe organization's ability to execute its strategy depends on its organizational capacity
overallThe overall capacity of the stadium is 60,000.
inductiveThe inductive capacity of a coil is measured in henrys.
judicialHe was appointed as an attorney general owing to his judicial capacity

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