Adjectives for Cape

Adjectives For Cape

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing cape, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjective-noun combination of 'cape' reveals a rich tapestry of imagery and context. A 'black cape' might evoke mystery or elegance, while a 'red cape' can signal danger or heroism. Geographical adjectives like 'eastern' and 'western' provide a sense of place, anchoring the cape in real or imagined landscapes. The 'long cape' adds a touch of drama and formality, whereas 'southern' might hint at a specific climate or cultural connotation. Each adjective paired with 'cape' offers a unique angle, transforming the simple garment or geographical feature into a multifaceted symbol with just a few words. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that bring 'cape' to life in our comprehensive list below.
blackThe mysterious figure emerged from the shadows, their black cape billowing behind them.
redThe little girl skipped through the forest in her scarlet red cape
easternThe Eastern cape is a province of South Africa.
westernThe Western cape is a province in South Africa known for its beautiful beaches, vineyards, and mountains.
longA mysterious figure emerged from the shadows, shrouded in a long cape that billowed in the wind.
southernThe southern cape is a beautiful place to visit.
blueThe superhero wore a flowing blue cape
shortThe tall lady wore a short cape that barely covered her shoulders.
whiteThe superhero wore a flowing white cape
northernThe Northern cape is the largest province in South Africa, covering an area of 361,830 square kilometres.
littleShe ran through the rain, her little cape fluttering behind her.
darkThe mysterious figure lurking in the shadows wore a flowing dark cape
greenThe superhero wore a flowing green cape
hoodedThe mysterious figure stood in the shadows, its face obscured by a hooded cape
northThe North cape is the northernmost point of mainland Europe.
westThe west cape of the island is a popular tourist destination.
heavyThe silhouette turned around, its heavy cape billowing in the wind.
scarletThe superhero wore his scarlet cape as he soared through the sky.
southwesternThe southwestern cape is a region of South Africa known for its unique biodiversity.
waterproofHe wore a waterproof cape to keep himself dry in the rain.
stormyThe stormy cape billowed in the wind.
rockyThe rocky cape jutted out into the stormy sea.
linedThe superhero wore a long lined cape that billowed in the wind.
southThe southernmost point of the island is called the South cape
purpleThe superhero wore a purple cape as they soared through the sky.
grayThe old woman shuffled along the cobblestone street, her gray cape billowing behind her.
militaryThe general wore a long, flowing military cape
eastThe East cape has a rich history and culture.
brownThe old woman walked down the street in her brown cape
bigShe was wearing a big cape and a pair of old jeans.
spanishThe bull charged at the matador, who deftly dodged its horns with his scarlet spanish cape
yellowThe superhero wore a bright yellow cape as he soared through the sky.
beautifulThe beautiful cape flowed in the wind like a delicate dance.
crimsonThe magician performed a dazzling trick with his flowing crimson cape
midWe went whale watching on a trip to mid cape
outerMy vacation home is located on the outer cape
circularThe girl was wearing a beautiful red circular cape
lightShe wore a light cape over her dress.
southernmostThe southernmost cape of Africa is Cape Agulhas.
greyThe mysterious figure moved through the shadows, its grey cape flowing behind it like a ghostly banner.
hugeThe superhero wore a huge cape that flowed behind him like a flowing river.
plasticHe put on his plastic cape and jumped into the kiddie pool.
narrowThe narrow cape jutted out into the sea, creating a sheltered bay.
voluminousShe draped herself in a voluminous cape its silken folds whispering secrets as she glided through the night.
brightShe wore a long, flowing bright cape that sparkled in the sunlight.
featheredThe tribal chief wore a majestic feathered cape during the ceremony.
loftyIn the old film, the hero wore a flowing, lofty cape
boldHe wore a bold cape** that billowed in the wind.
roundThe round cape billowed behind her as she ran.
thickThe hooded man wore a thick cape to conceal his identity.
skinThe shaman wore a skin cape adorned with intricate tribal symbols.
embroideredThe embroidered cape was a stunning addition to her already glamorous outfit.
coloredThe superhero wore a colored cape and had a mask on his face.
looseHe saw a tall figure wrapped in a loose cape
prominentThe cliffs extended into a prominent cape
warmShe wrapped a warm cape around her shoulders.
distantThe distant cape was visible from the ship's deck.
pinkShe flew around the room with her pink cape trailing behind her.
sableShe pulled the hood of the sable cape over her head.
doubleThe captain wore a dark double cape with a silver clasp.
extremeThe coastline forms an extreme cape that projects far into the sea.
northernmostThe northernmost cape of mainland Europe is the North Cape.
fairestMy gaze drifted beyond the horizon, where the fairest cape stretched out, a tapestry of vibrant hues.
woodedThe wooded cape stretched out before them, a green sentinel against the sea.
goldenThe golden cape shimmered in the sunlight.
shoulderShe wore an elegant black shoulder cape to the party.
oppositeFrom the opposite cape he looked out at the sea.
dangerousThe dangerous cape billowed in the wind.
magicThe magician waved her magic cape and suddenly, a cloud of doves appeared.
sandyThe sandy cape stretched for miles along the coast.
magnificentThe magnificent cape billowed out behind her as she ran.
supermanThe superhero soared through the sky, his red superman cape billowing behind him.
rough"Don't go swimming in the rough cape," he said.
northwesternThe northwestern cape is a beautiful place.
offI'm off cape for the weekend.
wetHer wet cape dripped with rainwater as she stepped into the warm cabin.
southwestThe southwest cape of the island is the most rugged and exposed.

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