Adjectives for Capital

Adjectives For Capital

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing capital, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word capital can be modified by a variety of adjectives, each adding its unique shade of meaning to this multifaceted noun. Using terms like foreign can emphasize the geographical or economic origin, while human capital highlights the value of skills and knowledge. Social capital, on the other hand, draws attention to the networks and relationships that empower communities and organizations. Meanwhile, adjectives such as new, private, and national offer insights into the type, ownership, and scale of capital, respectively. Understanding these combinations unlocks deeper dimensions of economic and social analysis. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with capital that enriches linguistic expression.
foreignThe company is actively seeking foreign capital to expand its operations.
humanThe company's greatest asset is its human capital
socialSocial capital is the resources available to a person or group through their social networks.
newThe new capital of the country is a bustling metropolis.
privateThe private capital industry is expected to grow significantly over the next decade.
nationalOttawa is the national capital of Canada.
totalThe total capital of the company is estimated to be in the billions.
moreThis product is available with more capital
culturalThe speaker's cultural capital was evident in their sophisticated vocabulary and knowledge of classical literature.
politicalThe politician had used up all his political capital and was now facing an uphill battle.
physicalPhysical capital includes buildings, machinery, and infrastructure.
provincialTaipei is the provincial capital of Taiwan.
ancientThe ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto, is known for its numerous temples and shrines.
americanThe american capital is Washington D.C.
additionalThe company plans to raise additional capital through a new stock offering.
britishLondon is the british capital
frenchThe French capital is Paris.
financialInternational financial capital was also flowing into Argentina at the time.
intellectualOur intellectual capital is our most valuable asset, as it represents the knowledge, skills, and expertise of our employees.
muchThe company has much capital to invest in new projects.
sufficientThe company has sufficient capital to finance its operations.
industrialIndustrial capital is concentrated in the hands of a few corporations.
initialThe initial capital of Australia is Sydney.
internationalInternational capital can be provided by banks, corporations, and individuals in other countries.
naturalNatural capital is the stock of natural resources that exists on Earth.
termThe term capital refers to the funds invested in a business by its owners.
necessaryThe necessary capital to start the business was not available.
productiveProductive capital is the portion of capital that is used to create goods and services.
imperialThe Roman legionnaires marched to the imperial capital to suppress the rebellion.
formerThe former capital of Brazil was Rio de Janeiro.
netThe company's gain for the year, after accounting for net capital losses, was $10 million.
europeanBerlin, the bustling European capital is renowned for its rich culture, vibrant nightlife, and iconic landmarks.
enoughThe company has enough capital to invest in a new product line.
commercialMumbai is the commercial capital of India.
domesticCompanies in China used domestic capital to build up industrial capacity.
federalCanberra is the federal capital of Australia.
germanBerlin is the german capital
constantThe constant capital is already spent and has been used for production purposes, such as machinery, buildings, and equipment.
fixedThe firm saw an expected increase in fixed capital investment in the next quarter.
variableThe company's decision to change its business model resulted in a variable capital structure.
nominalThe nominal capital of the company is one million pounds.
lessThe project received less capital than expected.
availableThe company used available capital to purchase new equipment.
symbolicThe cultural critic Pierre Bourdieu developed the concept of symbolic capital as a form of social capital that is derived from one's status and prestige.
northernSaint Petersburg is the northern capital of Russia.
chineseThe chinese capital is Beijing.
globalCompanies around the world are always seeking global capital
russianMoscow is the russian capital
outside"The company relies heavily on outside capital to fund its operations."
confederateRichmond served as the confederate capital during the American Civil War.
permanentThis is a permanent capital increase.
japaneseTokyo is the japanese capital
overheadThe total overhead capital is calculated as the cumulative sum of all overhead costs incurred from the project’s start date till the reporting date.
administrativeAstana is Kazakhstan's administrative capital
regionalThe regional capital has a population of over one million people.
limitedDespite limited capital the company managed to expand its operations.
corporateThe company's corporate capital is over $100 million.
adequateThe company's adequate capital allowed it to weather the storm.
corinthianThe Corinthian capital is the most elaborate of the three classical orders.
mexicanThe Mexican capital is Mexico City.
liquidI need to find a way to increase my liquid capital
austrianVienna is the Austrian capital
subscribedThe subscribed capital of the company is $10,000.
colonialThe colonial capital of Brazil, Salvador, is known for its historic center.
easternI decided to go travel to the eastern capital of the country this weekend.
minimumThe minimum capital required to start the business is $10,000.
aggregateThe aggregate capital of the company has increased significantly over the past year.
temporaryThe city was designated as the temporary capital during the war.
transnationalThe transnational capital was invested in various sectors of the economy.
aztecThe Aztec capital was Tenochtitlan.

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