Adjectives for Card

Adjectives For Card

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing card, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the perfect adjective to describe a 'card' can greatly impact the perception of your message. A 'first card' evokes a sense of beginnings and new ventures, while a 'last card' might hint at finality or the end of an era. A 'punched card' brings to mind nostalgia for the days of early computing or even a well-used loyalty card from your favorite café. Exploring the 'sound card' directs us to the realm of audio technology, essential for anyone involved in music or multimedia projects. The 'smart card' ushers us into the world of advanced security and technology, integral in today's digital age. On the other hand, a 'green card' can symbolize hope and a new life for immigrants dreaming of establishing in a new country. Each adjective unveils a unique facet of the card, enriching our understanding and appreciation of the contexts it can inhabit. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives linked with 'card' below to discover how each can subtly shift meanings and bring your sentences to life.
firstThe first card in this deck is a joker.
lastShe drew a two on her last card
punchedThe punched card was used to input data into early computers
soundThe sound card is responsible for converting analog audio signals into digital signals that can be processed by the computer.
smartI used my smart card to pay for the train fare.
greenShe applied for a green card so she could stay in the country.
wildThe lottery winner was a wild card who no one expected to win.
smallI carefully placed the small card on the table.
nextI will draw the next card from the top of the deck.
topThe top card of the deck was an ace.
secondI had to get a new credit card, so this is my second card
singleThe single card was drawn from the deck.
postalHe sent a postal card to his friend in Paris.
separateShe kept the separate card in her special bag.
redThe referee gave the player a red card for his dangerous tackle.
fiveHe had a five card flush.
blankIt was a blank card perfect for any occasion.
plasticShe paid for her coffee with a plastic card
keyThe guard swiped his key card to open the gate.
threeHe put all the three card on the table.
thirdDraw the third card
highestThe highest card in the deck is the ace.
printedHer printed card contained little information about her and her company.
bottomCan you tell me what the bottom card is?
blackShe had enough money on her black card to buy the expensive dress.
yellowThe referee showed the player a yellow card for his foul.
standardI decided on a standard card deck.
wirelessCan you fix my wireless card please?
blueThe police have asked to see his blue card
fourShe collected all four cards needed to play the game.
grayThe gray card was used to calibrate the camera's white balance.
thinThe thin card slipped out of my fingers and fluttered to the floor.
magneticPlease insert your magnetic card into the reader.
scoreThe team's score card showed a disappointing loss.
typicalThis is a typical card
appropriatePlease include the appropriate card with your payment.
fourthThe fourth card was a black spade.
lowestThe lowest card in the deck wins the game.
officialThe official card is needed to enter the event.
inchThe inch card was exactly one square inch in size.
columnThe column card is an important component of the building.
sevenHer favourite childhood game was seven card stud.
wrongSorry, you used the wrong card
validIs this a valid card number?
correctPlease enter your correct card
fifthThe fifth card in the pile was the ace of spades.
stiffHe tried to bend the stiff card but it wouldn't budge.
electronicThe company has the right to retain and use your electronic card data.
laminatedI showed my laminated card to the guard.
twoI have two card in my pocket.
wellI hope you are feeling better. Here is a well card
permanentThe museum will provide you with a permanent card that allows you to enter as many times as you want.
extraHe gave me an extra card after I won.
strongestThe strongest card in her hand was an ace.
bitI used a bit card to pay for my coffee.
pinkThe referee showed the player a pink card for his dangerous tackle.
coloredThe colored card on the table was blue.
ethernetThe ethernet card is an essential component of the computer network.

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