Adjectives for Cards

Adjectives For Cards

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing cards, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe cards can add a layer of depth and specificity to your expression. Whether discussing punched cards that hark back to computing's infancy, highlighting the technology in smart cards, or delving into the hierarchy with major cards in a deck, each adjective opens up a new dimension. Mentioning more cards suggests abundance, while high cards could mean greater value or rank, especially in games. Don't forget the charm of postal cards, evoking the romance of snail mail. Every adjective paired with 'cards' weaves a unique story, painting vivid pictures and evoking specific feelings. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives linked to 'cards' below and enrich your narrative.
punchedShe fed the punched cards into the ancient computer.
smartThe new smart cards will allow employees to access the building and pay for meals.
majorBoth major cards and suits are named after characters or objects from the Middle Ages.
moreI have more cards than you.
highThe gambler's high cards won him the pot.
postalI have a collection of vintage postal cards from around the world.
individualEach of the individual cards contains a unique image representing a plant or animal species.
wildThe poker players eagerly anticipated the upcoming tournament, knowing that the wild cards would add an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability to the game.
mostMost cards are made of plastic.
printedThe librarian handed me a stack of printed cards
postI enjoy writing post cards to my friends and family.
specialI have some special cards for you.
blankWe were dealt blank cards
greenThe lottery for green cards was held last week.
whiteThe students were asked to bring white cards to the exam.
soundThe sound cards provide high-quality audio and can be used with a variety of software applications.
redThe referee handed out two red cards during the match, sending off both players.
coloredThe artist shuffled the colored cards to prepare for the game.
playingI enjoy playing cards with my friends.
additionalThere are no additional cards permitted at the time of your purchase.
plasticI carry multiple plastic cards in my wallet.
inchShe shuffled through the inch cards her eyes scanning for the answer.
magneticMagnetic cards are often used for secure access control.
standardThe deck contains 52 standard cards
topThe top cards were dealt to the players.
fiveI have five cards in my hand.
tarotI'm surprised you're so interested in tarot cards
prepaidThe company offers prepaid cards to its employees.
subjectThe teacher passed out subject cards to her students.
extraSally was upset she had to ask the dealer for extra cards during the game.
multipleI have multiple cards in my wallet.
wirelessThe new wireless cards provide faster internet speeds.
ordinaryI prefer playing with ordinary cards to playing with the special cards.
markedHe was caught cheating because he was using marked cards
blueShe had a bag of blue cards in her desk drawer
keyThey swiped the key cards and entered the secured facility.
yellowThe referee showed two yellow cards to the opposing team.
electronicI have some electronic cards that I use to play games.
falseHe played with false cards
winningShe kept her winning cards secret until the end of the game.
wellWe played with well cards at the hospital to pass the time.
duplicateThe librarian carefully sorted through the duplicate cards
rorschachThe therapist showed the patient a series of Rorschach cards
holyShe collected holy cards from every church she visited.
ethernetThe technician upgraded the computers with new ethernet cards
enoughI have enough cards to play the game.
columnThe column cards were carefully arranged in order.
colouredShe shuffled the coloured cards and laid them out in a row.
sortedThe sorted cards were neatly arranged on the table.
testThe technician checked the test cards before broadcast.
bitShe handed out the bit cards to the players.
notchedShe shuffled the notched cards
valueI like playing card games with my value cards

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