Adjectives for Care

Adjectives For Care

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing care, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'care' carries a profound depth of meaning and emotion, especially when combined with descriptive adjectives. Adjectives like 'medical', 'great', 'good', 'special', and 'patient' each add a unique shade to the concept of care. 'Medical care' emphasizes the health aspect, while 'great care' and 'good care' reflect on the quality and diligence. 'Special care' often denotes care tailored to specific needs or individuals, and 'patient care' underscores the focus on the patient's experience and well-being. These nuanced meanings highlight the versatility and importance of care in various contexts. Dive deeper into the linguistic richness of 'care' by exploring the full list of adjectives below.
medicalHe urgently needs medical care
greatThe painting was handled with great care
goodI hope you are taking good care of yourself.
specialThe grandmother treated her grandson with special care
patientThe nurses provided excellent patient care throughout the night.
primaryI am going to my primary care doctor today.
muchHe handled the vase with much care
properThe patient made a significant recovery due to proper care
greatestHer work was completed with the greatest care
intensiveThe patient is in intensive care
termThe lingering effects of the virus may require further term care
fosterJohn is in the foster care since his parents died last year.
dayI dropped my child off at day care this morning.
particularThe team took particular care in crafting each garment.
extremeHandle the fragile vase with extreme care to avoid breaking it.
utmostHandle the fragile vase with the utmost care
prenatalAccess to prenatal care is essential for the health of both the mother and the baby.
childI need to find child care for my toddler.
dentalMany people don't realize how important dental care is.
betterThe patient received better care at the new hospital.
selfSelf care is not selfish, it's essential for a healthy and balanced life.
palliativeSarah found comfort in palliative care during the final months of her life.
pastoralThe church offered pastoral care to the grieving family.
dueAll participants were instructed to exercise due care during the experiment.
personalShe learned the importance of personal care and hygiene from her mother.
institutionalThe child was placed in institutional care after being abandoned by his parents.
adequateThe patient received adequate care during their stay.
reasonableThe company was found liable for negligence as it failed to take reasonable care in ensuring the safety of its employees.
greaterThe doctor treated the wound with greater care
parentalThe parental care provided by the female bird ensured the survival of the young.
postoperativeThe patient's postoperative care was uneventful.
supportiveThe patient received supportive care at the hospital.
residentialThe residential care facility offers a variety of services to its residents.
mentalMental care is crucial for overall well-being.
preventivePreventive care includes regular checkups, screenings, and vaccinations to prevent or detect health problems early.
psychiatricHe sought psychiatric care after his marriage fell apart.
maternalThe maternal care of the tigress ensures the survival of her cubs.
constantThe injured bird required constant care and attention.
considerableThe case was handled with considerable care
appropriateYour pet should be able to receive appropriate care and attention
acuteThe patient was admitted to the acute care unit with a diagnosis of pneumonia.
especialThe porcelain doll was handled with especial care
extraHandle the fragile item with extra care
ordinaryThe driver of the car was found to be negligent for failing to use ordinary care while driving.
routineThe patient's routine care was discussed at the meeting.
meticulousThe restorer approached the antique painting with meticulous care determined to preserve its fragile beauty.
criticalThe patient was admitted to the critical care unit due to his severe injuries.
comprehensiveOur hospital provides comprehensive care for all patients.
clinicalThe research team examined the quality of clinical care in nursing homes.
healthI am interested in health care
infantThe infant care center provides a safe and nurturing environment for babies.
afterThe group is funded by a government grant that includes money for after care
inpatientThe patient received inpatient care for several weeks.
basedThe hospital adopted a patient-centered and family-based care model.
managedIt was first developed and promoted by managed care organizations in the 1970s.
effectiveThe hospital provided effective care to all of its patients.
scrupulousThe historian took scrupulous care to document every detail of the event.
immediateThe patient needs immediate care
custodialThe hospital provided the patient with custodial care until his family could make arrangements.
professionalMy doctor provided me with professional care during my recent surgery.
qualityOur team is dedicated to providing quality care to all patients.
ambulatoryThe ambulatory care unit provides medical treatment to patients who are able to walk around.
dailyHe follows a daily care routine to keep his skin healthy and glowing.
lessI have less care for the task.
sufficientThe researchers treated the cells with sufficient care
outpatientThe hospital offers outpatient care for patients who do not need to be admitted overnight.
homeMy grandfather is receiving home care for his dementia.
respiteThe elderly couple decided to try respite care for their disabled son.
inadequateThe patient's condition worsened due to inadequate care
watchfulThe doctor tended to the sick child with watchful care
skilledThe patient received skilled care from the nursing staff.
fosteringThe child was placed in a loving fostering care home.
antenatalAntenatal care is essential for the health of both the mother and the baby.
anxiousHe always kept the bills and receipts, treating them with anxious care

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