Adjectives for Career

Adjectives For Career

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing career, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a career offers nuanced insights into one's professional journey. A political career might be fraught with debate and public service, while a long career speaks volumes about endurance and evolution in a field. The disciplined and structured path of a military career contrasts sharply with the creative and evolving nature of a literary career. Meanwhile, a successful career is often the result of hard work, determination, and a bit of luck. Each adjective paints a vivid picture of professional life's varied landscapes. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives tailored for 'career' to understand the full depth and breadth of what a career can entail.
politicalShe will announce her bid for a political career next week.
longShe has had a long career in the fashion industry.
militaryHe had a successful military career
professionalAfter graduating, she embarked on a professional career as a software engineer.
literaryJohn Smith began his literary career with a collection of short stories.
successfulShe had a successful career as a lawyer.
ownShe pursued her own career as a teacher.
earlyShe joined the company in her early career and quickly rose through the ranks.
publicShe decided to enter into public career right after completing her graduation.
academicI am doing very well in my academic career
wholeHe was a great player his whole career
entireHe spent his entire career as a teacher.
brilliantHe worked hard and achieved a brilliant career
distinguishedHer distinguished career in the diplomatic service spanned over three decades.
subsequentMartin's subsequent career as an engineer brought him many rewards.
yearHer year career in art history was filled with many challenges.
laterDuring his later career he worked as a consultant.
shortHer short career as a musician ended when she broke her wrist.
activeShe had an active career as a member of her country's Olympic team.
legalShe embarked on a legal career after graduating from law school.
promisingShe landed a promising career as a software engineer.
musicalHe had a successful musical career spanning three decades.
medicalShe is pursuing a medical career as a registered nurse.
diplomaticHer diplomatic career spanned over two decades.
officialHe started his official career as a police officer.
scientificDr. Jones has spent her entire scientific career researching the effects of climate change on the Arctic ecosystem.
parliamentaryHer parliamentary career has covered 35 years, including four terms as Minister of State and two as Minister of Education.
artisticThe artist started her artistic career in a small town.
remarkableHer remarkable career has inspired countless young women.
actingHis acting career was over before it even began.
navalHe embarked on a successful naval career
earthlyHe had an exemplary earthly career as a scientist, but his greatest achievement was his impact on the lives of young people.
variedThroughout her varied career she has worked as a teacher, a journalist, and a social worker.
earlierIn his earlier career John worked as a lawyer.
criminalThe defendant's criminal career began with a petty theft at the age of 16.
theatricalHis theatrical career was cut short by a tragic accident.
illustriousHer illustrious career as a scientist spanned over four decades.
educationalHer educational career included studies at several universities.
journalisticAfter graduation, he embarked on a journalistic career that spanned over two decades.
poeticHe began his poetic career as a writer.
chequeredShe had many ups and downs in her chequered career but ultimately she was successful.
gloriousShe retired after a glorious career as a concert pianist.
checkeredHis checkered career was filled with highs and lows.
extraordinaryShe had an extraordinary career in marketing and public relations.
dramaticHer dramatic career started with an impromptu performance at a local open mic night.
madThe car raced down the road at a mad career
timeA time career is a profession that involves working with time.
stormyHis stormy career in politics came to an end when he was defeated in the recent election.
dualShe had a dual career as a teacher and a writer.
adventurousHe embarked on an adventurous career as a mountain climber.
wildHe had a wild career as a stuntman.
victoriousAfter a victorious career in the military, he retired to a life of farming.
congressionalHe retired without completing his first 12-month term in Congress, ending his congressional career
eventfulHe has had an eventful career filled with many ups and downs.
ministerialHe entered the ministerial career at the age of 25.
judicialHe has had a distinguished judicial career serving as a judge for over 20 years.
prosperousWorking hard towards a prosperous career in the tech industry.
ecclesiasticalThe bishop hoped that his son would follow in his footsteps and pursue an ecclesiastical career
meteoricThe young politician enjoyed a meteoric career quickly rising to prominence in a short amount of time.
splendidHe had a splendid career with many achievements.
wonderfulShe had a wonderful career as a teacher.
midShe is a mid career professional with many years of experience.
usefulA useful career can provide financial security and personal fulfillment.
scholarlyHe embarked on a scholarly career that led to his appointment as a professor at the University of Chicago.
lucrativeShe dedicated herself to the child and left her lucrative career behind.
busyShe had to balance her busy career with her family life.
athleticHe had a successful athletic career and won many awards.
spectacularHer spectacular career spanned four decades and included numerous accolades.
missionaryShe always dreamed of missionary career
lifelongShe hoped to have a lifelong career in the medical field.
legislativeThe politician decided to retire after a long legislative career

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