Adjectives for Carriers

Adjectives For Carriers

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing carriers, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe carriers can illuminate different aspects of their function, ownership, or attribute. A common carrier refers to those easily found and widely used, stressing their ubiquity and accessibility. The term free carrier, on the other hand, may highlight the absence of costs associated with its service, offering a notion of value or advantage. An armored carrier brings to mind a level of protection or security, often implying a specialized function. When carriers are described as chronic, it might suggest a persistent presence or influence, possibly in a medical or habitual context. The adjective private conveys exclusivity or individual ownership, while American carriers denote something about their geographical origin or service area. Each adjective adds a layer of meaning, painting a more detailed picture. Explore the full range of adjectives used with 'carriers' and the nuanced world they depict below.
commonCommon carriers are obligated to serve the general public on reasonable terms and without discrimination.
freeThe free carriers in a semiconductor are electrons and holes.
armoredThe armored carriers transported the soldiers to the front lines.
chronicIndividuals who are chronic carriers of the virus may not experience any symptoms but are capable of transmitting it to others.
privateThe company's private carriers transported over 2,000 metric tons of cargo in the last quarter.
americanTwo American carriers tested positive for COVID-19.
majorThe major carriers are AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.
asymptomaticAsymptomatic carriers do not show any symptoms of the disease they are carrying, making it difficult to track and control its spread.
japaneseThe Japanese carriers were heavily damaged in the battle.
localThe local carriers are not able to meet the high demand at this time.
healthySome people are healthy carriers of certain genetic diseases.
currentThe current carriers in the semiconductor are electrons and holes.
armouredThe armoured carriers transported the troops to the front lines.
excessExcess carriers in the base lead to a decrease in its resistance.
interstateThe federal government regulates interstate carriers
heterozygousHeterozygous carriers are individuals who carry one copy of a normal gene and one copy of a mutated gene.
mobileMobile carriers are working together to improve coverage and reduce costs.
foreignForeign carriers were also allowed into the country.
internationalSeveral international carriers offer flights to the country.
commercialCommercial carriers are regulated by the Department of Transportation.
domesticThe domestic carriers' performance has suffered due to the pandemic.
bulkThe port was mainly visited by bulk carriers or general cargo ships.
injected"Injected carriers are free carriers that originate outside of the semiconductor material and enter the material through contacts or other means."
positiveThe positive carriers in the semiconductor are holes.
bigSeveral big carriers are looking at ways to cut costs and increase revenue by using drones.
lightThe light carriers took off from the aircraft carrier and headed towards the target.
distanceDistance carriers are used to transmit data across large distances
wirelessMany wireless carriers now offer unlimited data plans.
nativeNative carriers are people who speak a language as their first language.
regionalUnited States and several regional carriers offer the service in US.
smallerThe smaller carriers are not able to compete with the larger ones.
costThe budget airlines are cost carriers that provide low-cost fares to passengers.
waterThe water carriers were essential to the survival of the ancient city.
ruralThe rural carriers delivered the mail even in the worst weather conditions.
largerHe was only able to use the larger carriers to send his stuff.
negativeNegative carriers such as electrons, can flow through a semiconductor.
hotThe team generated hot carriers which were used to make improvements in photovoltaic cells.
specializedIn tandem with our network of specialized carriers, we’re able to ensure that your project runs smoothly and on time.
largestAT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile are the largest carriers in the United States.
regulatedRegulated carriers are subject to strict government oversight.
photogeneratedThe photogenerated carriers were then extracted from the semiconductor layer.
principalThe medical office's principal carriers were governed by state law.
multipleThe shipping company works with multiple carriers to ensure timely delivery.
hodThe hod carriers struggled to keep up with the pace of the construction crew.
interexchangeInterexchange carriers offer long-distance phone services.
oceanOcean carriers are responsible for transporting goods and commodities across the world's oceans.
certificatedAll certificated carriers must file tariffs.
incumbentThe incumbent carriers have a significant advantage in the market.
nasalNasal carriers can spread respiratory diseases even without showing symptoms.
independentThe team of independent carriers came together to form a coalition.
competitiveThe company has signed agreements with several competitive carriers to provide roaming services.
convalescentConvalescent carriers may remain infectious beyond recommended isolation periods.
classThe aircraft carrier USS Nimitz and its escort of class carriers and cruisers operate in the Pacific Ocean.
neutralNeutral carriers are essential in the transportation of goods and services.
excitedThe excited carriers migrate to the contact regions forming a potential barrier.
crudeThe crude carriers were carrying a large shipment of oil.
cellularCellular carriers provide wireless voice and data services to customers.
oreThe ore carriers were loaded with iron ore from the mine.
trappedThe trapped carriers in the semiconductor material exhibited long recombination lifetimes.

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