Adjectives for Case

Adjectives For Case

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing case, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the realm of language, the pairing of adjectives with the noun 'case' unfolds a tapestry of nuances, each adjective refining and reshaping our understanding of the subject at hand. 'Such cases' speak to generalities, often prefacing a broader discussion, while 'latter' and 'first cases' position events within a timeline, giving readers a sense of order and priority. 'Special' and 'particular cases' draw attention to uniqueness and specificity, highlighting exceptions or singularities that demand attention. The 'present case' grounds discussions in the now, offering immediacy and relevance. Each adjective not only modifies 'case' but also invites us into deeper contemplation of the scenario described. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives and the subtle shifts they introduce in the narratives they adorn below.
suchIn such case the petitioner must provide evidence of the respondent's wrongdoing.
latterIn the latter case the buyer has the right to cancel the contract.
specialThis case is a special case
particularThe particular case was handled with great care.
firstThe first case of coronavirus was reported in Wuhan, China.
presentThe present case was an old woman with a history of hypertension.
secondThe second case was dismissed due to lack of evidence.
formerThe former case was decided in favor of the defendant.
generalThe general case was considered during the meeting.
extremeHe took an extreme case selling his house and car to start his own business.
individualConsider each individual case on its own merits
singleThis is a sentence in single case
strongHe presented a strong case for his innocence.
simpleThis is a simple case
followingIn the following case the court ruled that the defendant was not liable for the plaintiff's injuries.
similarThe similar case is the apple case.
interestingThe interesting case was discussed at the conference.
typicalIt was a typical case of supply and demand.
worstTo be safe, I added in a worst case scenario to inform the report.
specificAs an avid coffee drinker, I have a specific case to make: cold brew is far more flavorful than hot.
simplestOne qubit is the simplest case where we have only two possible states.
criminalThe criminal case against the suspect is still ongoing.
recentThe recent case of fraud has shaken the company's reputation.
clearThe clear case revealed the truth.
classicThis is a classic case of oversimplification.
previousIn the previous case the victim was found in a shallow grave.
exceptionalThis is an exceptional case
aboveThere is an above case switch in the config file
badShe had a bad case of the flu.
instantThe instant case involves a dispute over a contract.
primaThe prima case for the acquisition of the stock is $100 per share.
idealI have an ideal case for you to analyze.
severeThe patient was diagnosed with a severe case of pneumonia.
rareThis is a rare case
usualUnlike the usual case where all that preserves heat is the fur, the skin of the animals is covered with a thick layer of adipose tissue.
hypotheticalIn a hypothetical case we would need to consider all possible outcomes.
unusualThe unusual case of the missing cat captivated the entire town.
leadingThe ruling in Brown v. Board of Education was a leading case in the fight for school desegregation.
difficultThis is a difficult case but we will do our best to help.
remarkableThe remarkable case has been solved by a private detective.
oppositeThIs Is A SeNtEnCe WiTh OpPoSiTe case
isolatedThis is an isolated case
parallelWe encountered a parallel case to the one we are dealing with now.
concreteThe concrete case in question involved a dispute over the ownership of a piece of land.
fatalThe fatal case has been solved.
precedingThe lawyer cited the preceding case as support for his argument.
celebratedThe celebrated case of Brown v. Board of Education was decided by the Supreme Court in 1954.
convincing"Convincing Case" is a phrase used to describe a clear and compelling argument.
uniqueThis is a unique case
obviousIt was an obvious case of mistaken identity.
curiousThe curious case of the missing person has left the police baffled.
illustrativeThe illustrative case is frequently used in criminal law.
hopelessSarah's hopeless case disappeared again, and Ms. Green was about to give up.
strongerThe evidence presented by the prosecution makes a stronger case

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