Adjectives for Cases

Adjectives For Cases

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing cases, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe cases can significantly change the nuance of your sentence, shedding light on the quantity, specificity, or nature of the cases in question. Whether you're discussing 'many cases' to emphasize abundance, 'few cases' to highlight scarcity, or 'certain cases' to pinpoint specificity, each adjective brings a unique shade of meaning. 'Most cases' implies a majority, while 'such cases' can imply cases of a particular kind, and 'other cases' suggests alternatives or exceptions. The choice of adjective not only informs readers about the cases but also about the speaker's perspective or the general context of the discussion. Discover the full list of adjectives commonly used with 'cases' to refine your expression and enhance understanding.
manyIn many cases the outcome of the election was uncertain.
mostIn most cases the results were positive.
suchThe police should be called in such cases
otherThere are other cases of this happening.
fewIn few cases the suffix "-able" can be added to a noun to get the meaning of "occupied by" or "capable of".
certainThere are certain cases that require a special permit.
severalI have had several cases of tonsillitis.
severeThe fever can lead to severe cases of dehydration.
specialWe offer discounts for veterans and other special cases
extremeIn extreme cases it can take years to recover from the trauma.
rareIn rare cases the patient may experience dizziness.
individualThe court will consider individual cases on their merits.
criminalMy brother works on many criminal cases
exceptionalThe school made an exception to allow her to wear shorts to the assembly in exceptional cases
particularThe vaccine has been found to be effective in particular cases where antibodies have been demonstrated.
similarWe've investigated similar cases before.
civilThe trial court dismissed the civil cases
numerousNumerous cases of the virus have been reported.
mildThese are mild cases of the disease.
fatalThere have been several fatal cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours.
chronicThe study included 120 chronic cases
seriousThere were some serious cases of fraud reported last year.
difficultThese doctors deal only with difficult cases
acuteThe doctor was only able to treat acute cases
ordinaryThese are no ordinary cases
advancedIn advanced cases surgery may be necessary to alleviate pain.
doubtfulIn doubtful cases the court may appoint an attorney to represent the defendant.
reportedThe reported cases of the disease have increased dramatically in recent years.
typicalThese are typical cases where it is important to conduct a thorough analysis.
latterIn the latter cases the court held that the defendant was not liable for the plaintiff's injuries.
isolatedThere were a few isolated cases of the disease in the area.
sporadicThe study found sporadic cases of the disease in several regions.
aboveIn recent years, many other countries above cases have reported an increasing trend of measles infection and death.
borderlineThe borderline cases were difficult to classify.
worstThey took all the precautions to avoid encountering one of the worst cases of the disease.
consecutiveThe lawyer won 10 consecutive cases
occasionalThe deliveries are done daily with occasional cases of delays.
complicatedThe lawyer specializes in complicated cases
milderThe disease often has milder cases in children.
concreteWe can observe this tendency in concrete cases
unusualThese are unusual cases for the clinic.
illustrativeThe study used illustrative cases to demonstrate the effectiveness of the intervention.
uncomplicatedThey prefer the uncomplicated cases
untreatedUntreated cases can lead to serious complications.
urgentWe remind you that our institution encourages telephone consultations in non-urgent cases.
obstinateThe obstinate cases required additional treatment.
fewerThe new treatment led to fewer cases of the disease.
simplestThe simplest cases are frequently quickly resolved.
recordedThere are over 1 million recorded cases of influenza in the United States every year.

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