Adjectives for Cash

Adjectives For Cash

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing cash, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The usage of adjectives with the noun 'cash' significantly alters its implication, painting a vivid picture of one's financial situation or perspective. Describing cash as 'hard' evokes the effort behind earning it, while 'ready' cash implies liquidity and accessibility. 'Enough' cash suggests sufficiency for needs or desires, whereas 'more' embraces the quintessential human longing for increased wealth. A 'little' cash highlights scarcity, and 'extra' suggests surplus beyond the necessary. These adjectives not only qualify the amount of cash but also subtly hint at the emotional and economic contexts surrounding it. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can be paired with 'cash' and explore the depth they add to conversations about money.
hardHe paid for the car with hard cash
readyI need some ready cash for the down payment.
enoughI don't have enough cash to buy a new car.
moreI need more cash for this project.
littleI am running low on little cash
extraI got some extra cash from my part-time job.
pettyPlease submit the petty cash receipts by Friday.
netDespite the decline in revenue, the company's net cash position has improved.
muchHe had much cash to spend on the trip.
actualThe actual cash proceeds from the sale of the property were $100,000.
excessThe company has been able to build up a large amount of excess cash over the past few years.
spareI'm going to use my spare cash to buy a new car.
coldI prefer to pay with cold cash
futureI'm saving for my future cash
sufficientJohn has sufficient cash to make the purchase.
availableThe company has $10 million in available cash
paidI paid cash for my groceries.
totalThe total cash on hand was over $10,000.
additionalI was able to get some additional cash from the bank.
lessI need to withdraw less cash from the bank.
necessaryThe company has enough necessary cash to cover its expenses.
immediateI need immediate cash for an emergency.
freeThe company has $1 billion in free cash
surplusThe company reported a surplus cash of over $100 million.
quickI need to get some quick cash
earnedHe earned cash by working hard.
idleThe company has been criticized for holding too much idle cash
electronicElectronic cash is a form of digital currency that is used to make online payments.
digitalI would like to send you some digital cash
currentThe company's current cash position is strong.
looseI kept my loose cash in my pocket.
annualThe club has received $10,000 in annual cash from advertising revenue.
allI prefer to pay all cash
liquidI'm looking to invest my liquid cash in a new business venture.
taxThe government needs the tax cash to help fund needed programs.
solidThe company reported solid cash flow in the latest quarter.
negativeThe company has been struggling with negative cash flow.
incrementalThe incremental cash they received was used to purchase additional equipment.
chineseI paid for the meal with chinese cash
neededHe needed cash to pay for the unexpected expenses.
insufficientThe store did not have insufficient cash for the refund.
worthIt was a deal worth cash
adequateEnsure you have adequate cash on hand to cover your expenses.
receivedThe accountant received cash for the sale of goods.
corporateThe corporate cash flow was strong in the last quarter.
fastI need some fast cash for the rent.
instantI need instant cash for my car payment.
disposableHe had a lot of disposable cash to spend on whatever he wanted.
payableThis month's payable cash is $100,000.
discountedThe discounted cash flow method is a valuation technique used to determine the present value of a future stream of cash flows
relevantEnsure that only relevant cash reserves are being used.
expectedThe total expected cash flow for the project is $1 million.
ampleWe have ample cash on hand to purchase the new equipment.
preciousHandle your precious cash with utmost care.
scarceThe company was running on scarce cash

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