Adjectives for Category

Adjectives For Category

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing category, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'category' can subtly shift its meaning, adding depth and clarity to your sentences. Descriptors like 'same,' 'second,' and 'first' help to organize and prioritize, indicating sequence or similarity. Words like 'third' and 'latter' further specify position or preference within a grouping, while 'general' broadens the scope, inviting a more inclusive overview. Each adjective adds a layer of nuance, transforming a simple noun into a precise identifier that enriches both understanding and communication. Dive deeper into how each adjective unfolds new dimensions of 'category' by exploring the full list below.
sameThis and that belong to the same category
secondThis is second category
firstThe first category includes all of the essential vitamins and minerals.
thirdThe third category includes all the other items that do not fit in the first two categories.
latterThe latter category includes all the items that are not in the first category.
generalThe general category of the data is not specified.
lastThe last category was filled with some essential items.
separateThe documents were sorted into a separate category
singleThis product is listed under a single category
specialThe information you requested falls into a special category and cannot be released.
particularShe wanted a particular category of clothes
broadThe broad category of entertainment encompasses various forms of artistic expression.
largestThe largest category of animals is insects.
fourthThis is the fourth category
majorKnowing the major category of the product is also important.
formerHe is now in the former category
diagnosticThis diagnostic category includes cases where the patient has been diagnosed with a primary or secondary malignant neoplasm.
finalIn the final category we will discuss the history of the world.
specificThe specific category of items we were looking for was not available.
occupationalShe specialized in occupational category research.
residualThe residual category can often capture the heterogeneity that remains unexplained by the other categories.
grammaticalThe grammatical category of the word 'love' is a noun.
highestThe city of london has the highest category in size.
distinctThe dataset contains various features that belong to a distinct category
appropriatePlace the item in the appropriate category
lowestThe lowest category of employees is responsible for basic tasks.
syntacticA syntactic category is a set of phrases or words that are used in the same way in a sentence.
fifthThe fifth category includes all other types of expenses that do not fit into the previous four categories.
broaderThe broader category of 'entertainment' includes music, film, and television.
racialI am not comfortable with the racial category you have assigned to me.
functionalThe functional category of a word is determined by its syntactic behaviour.
semanticThe semantic category of 'dog' is animal.
middleThe middle category of products had the highest sales.
ethnicThe ethnic category of the applicant is not relevant to the hiring decision.
miscellaneousThe miscellaneous category included various items such as tools, cleaning supplies, and spare parts.
fundamentalWriters must have a fundamental category for their work to be remembered.
lexicalThe lexical category of this word is an adverb.
ontologicalThe ontological category of the referent of a proper name is a substance.
analyticalThe analytical category of gender has been used to understand the social construction of gender roles.
genericThis is a generic category
conceptualThe conceptual category of art is a broad and ever-changing one.
riskThe patient was placed in a high-risk category for developing complications.
abstractThe abstract category of objects is not well-defined.
universalThe universal category of materiality comprehends all the natural phenomena, from the most simple to the most complex.
relevantThe relevant category is technology.
aestheticI was looking for the aesthetic category of the painting, but I couldn't find it.
modalThis sentence demonstrates the modal category of the verb 'can'.
allThe store had discounts for all category
taxonomicThe taxonomic category of this species is family.
sixthThe sixth category encompasses all the other categories.

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