Adjectives for Cds

Adjectives For Cds

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing cds, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe 'cds' can significantly alter the perception of your music collection. Whether you're discussing the 'audio' quality, boasting about your 'own' unique compilation, celebrating the acquisition of 'new' releases, debating the 'negotiable' prices of rare finds, or simply cataloging your 'large' or 'several' assortments, each adjective adds a layer of meaning and appreciation. The words we use paint a vivid picture of our personal tastes and the auditory journeys we cherish. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives that can be paired with 'cds' to more accurately encode the essence of your collection.
audioI enjoy listening to audio cds during my commute.
ownI like to listen to my own cds
newI bought some new cds yesterday.
negotiableNegotiable cds offer a convenient and secure way to invest for a variety of financial goals.
largeI have a collection of large cds
severalMy sister has several cds in her car.
favoriteI listened to my favorite cds last night.
fewI own only a few cds
moreI have more cds than I can count.
recordableMy boss asked me to burn some recordable cds for our clients.
blankI have a stack of blank cds on my desk.
mostHe has most cds from the 20th century.
termThe term cds refers to credit default swaps.
liveThe live cds were a great success and sold out quickly.
freeHere are some free cds I found in my attic.
classicalI love listening to classical cds
domesticThe bank's domestic cds are maturing soon.
standardWe provide comprehensive standard cds based on the latest emission scenarios and data.
monthThe bank did not offer month cds or overnight cds.
eurodollarThe eurodollar cds premium is currently suggesting a 60% chance of a recession.
commercialThis company derives its revenue from the distribution of a variety of commercial cds
piratedI bought some pirated cds at the market.
originalI found all my original cds in the attic.
multipleI ripped multiple cds to my computer so I could listen to them on my phone.
writableHe made writable cds that contained test data.
completeThe complete cds sequence of the human gene for the enzyme dihydrofolate reductase has been determined.
regularHe still regularly buys and listens to regular cds
rewritableRewritable cds allow for multiple recordings and erasures.
interactiveThe kids love the new interactive cds they received.
yearI bought some year cds and they are doing well.
jumboThe bank offers jumbo cds with competitive interest rates.
bootlegI can't find my bootleg cds anywhere.
additionalI have some additional cds for you.
bootableThe bootable cds are ready to be used.
rateI rate cds on a scale from 1 to 5.
latestThe latest cds from your favorite artists are now available in store.
yellowThe yellow cds were scratched and barely playable.
multimediaThe multimedia cds contain a variety of interactive content.
popularThe music store had a section dedicated exclusively to popular cds
availableThere are several available cds of jazz music.
musicalI have a collection of musical cds
pureHis singing voice was often compared to pure cds
enhancedThey have enhanced cds with CD-ROM capabilities.
educationalI listened to my educational cds on the way to work.
typeI need to type cds for my job.
usedI love used cds because they're so cheap.
brokeredThe price of brokered cds has been rising recently.
digitalI can no longer find my digital cds
fewerThe store has fewer cds than last year.
promotionalThe band distributed promotional cds to local radio stations.
protectedMom always protected cds in the car because they might get scratched.
crystalThe crystal cds were shimmering in the sunlight.
outstandingShe collected all of the outstanding cds from that artist.
illegalThe police confiscated a large number of illegal cds during the raid.
cheapI bought a stack of cheap cds at the flea market.
modifiedDevelopers can use modified cds artifacts to build their own CDS entities and views.
insuredMr. and Mrs. Smith have insured cds with the National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. government agency.
ultimateThe ultimate cds were released in a limited edition box set.
writeableThe writeable cds were carefully stored in a cool, dry place.
psidI need to buy some psid cds for my music collection.
counterfeitThe police raided a warehouse and seized hundreds of counterfeit cds
hexagonalThe hexagonal cds are stacked in a close-packed arrangement
musicI have a large collection of music cds
topThe top cds released this week were by Adele, Taylor Swift, and Ed Sheeran.

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