Adjectives for Cent

Adjectives For Cent

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing cent, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to complement the noun 'cent' can significantly alter the meaning or emphasis of a sentence, highlighting the specific aspect of the cent being discussed. Whether it's a 'per cent' to discuss percentages, a 'further cent' to indicate an additional amount, or a 'mere cent' to denote its insignificance, each combination paints a different picture. A '19th cent' takes us back in time, while 'average cent' and 'additional cent' focus on its value or quantity. Words hold power, and the adjectives accompanying 'cent' offer a spectrum of nuances that enrich our communication. Discover the full palette of expressions tailored for 'cent' below.
perThis new car costs 50 per cent more than the old one.
furtherThe cost of this dish went up a further cent
averageThe average cent value of the stock is 2.5%.
19thThe 19th cent was a century of great change and innovation.
mereI was astonished to find that the price had only increased a mere cent
additionalShe added an additional cent to the donation.
18thDuring the 18th cent people used mail coaches to travel long distances.
topThe man was paid every top cent he was owed.
16thIn the 16th cent Spanish explorers began colonizing the Americas.
lastI spent my last cent on rent.
17thThe 17th cent saw the rise of the scientific revolution.
5thThe 5th cent AD was a time of great upheaval.
4thThe 4th cent AD marked a period of significant cultural and political change in Europe.
lateI was born in the late cent
earlyEarly cent scrunched our attention with its auspicious appearance.
6thThe 6th cent basilica was built by Emperor Justinian.
13thIn the 13th cent there was a great famine in the land.
14thThe 14th cent witnessed the rise of the merchant class and their families in the urban centers
12thThe Romanesque style of architecture was popular in the 12th cent
redHe hasn't given me a red cent yet.
20thThe 20th cent was a time of great change
7thIn the 7th cent what is now Pakistan came under Muslim rule.
3rdArchaeological evidence in 3rd cent urban contexts provides examples of graffiti in the form of inscribed stone fragments, and wall markings.
8thThere are significant archaeological remains dating back to the 8th cent
nearestThe total amount is $10.99 to the nearest cent
lowestThe price was rounded down to the lowest cent
halfA half cent is a coin with a value of one-half of a cent.
bottomShe didn't have a bottom cent to her name.
highestThe highest cent in the United States is the Lincoln penny.
10thThe first evidence of Vietnamese folk music is from 10th cent court music.
9thDuring the 9th cent Vikings settled in the northern part of Ireland.
fullThe price contains a full cent
1stThe oldest known papyrus was produced in the 1st cent and was called the Berlin Papyrus.
poorestDespite his immense wealth, he claimed to not have a poorest cent to his name.
middleThe middle cent in the American nickel is made of nickel.
thirdThe third cent is an obsolete coin that was worth three cents.
upperThe upper cent of students scored in the 90s.
extraThe extra cent in her purse jingled as she walked.
fatThe fat cent was a common coin in the early United States.
largerThe larger cent was a United States cent struck in 1856 with a larger diameter.
richestThe richest cent is the one that's spent wisely.
fourthThe statue was made in the fourth century B.C.
fiveThe five cent stamp was affixed to the envelope.
latterThe latter cent seems to be the only form currently used.
11thIn the 11th cent the city of Kiev was the capital of the Kievan Rus'.
equalAs the equal cent gathered, the school bell rang.
i4thThe demesne's main palace was rebuilt in the i4th cent
tenI found a ten cent coin on the ground.
i8thThe i8th cent was a time of great change.
nearerCan you get nearer cent on that?
largestThe largest cent ever made was the five-cent piece, which was struck in 1793
oneI found a one cent coin on the ground.
i3thThe i3th cent Masoretic versions included the Tikun Soferim.
staggeringThe staggering cent plunged into the depths of the ocean.
i6thThe i6th cent was a time of great turmoil in Europe.
fifthThe fifth cent is not yet available.
bareI don't have a bare cent to my name.
modestThe modest cent is a valuable symbol of humility.
i7thThe i7th cent and 18th cent. naturalists relied on field observation and natural history rather than experiment.

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