Adjectives for Centers

Adjectives For Centers

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing centers, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe centers can significantly affect the perception of your message. Whether it's the bustling atmosphere of urban centers, the pivotal role of major centers, the gritty reality of industrial centers, the expansive nature of large centers, the life-saving capabilities of medical centers, or the local essence of regional centers, each adjective brings a unique shade of meaning. The right adjective can paint a vivid picture and evoke a sense of place or purpose, offering your readers a clear understanding. Explore the full list of adjectives to discover the perfect descriptor for your centers.
urbanThe urban centers are bustling with activity during the day.
majorNew York City is one of the major centers of the fashion industry.
industrialThe industrial centers of the country were heavily polluted.
largeThe audience stared at the large centers of the stage, waiting in tense silence.
medicalPatients can find specialized care at various medical centers
regionalVarious regional centers across the country offer a range of programs and services for people with disabilities.
importantThe three most important centers in the ancient world were Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Indus valley.
higherThe higher centers of the brain are responsible for processing information and making decisions.
mostWe visited most centers of the city.
metropolitanThe metropolitan centers of the world are home to millions of people.
commercialA city with access to neighboring commercial centers may not have big box stores.
variousStudents gathered at various centers to complete their assignments.
mentalShe tested her mental centers by playing chess.
germinalThe center contains germinal centers with macrophages that engulf dead cells.
largerThe larger centers were municipalities with populations in excess of 10,000.
mainThe brain and spinal cord are considered the main centers of the nervous system.
culturalThe cultural centers are hubs for learning and experiencing different cultures.
financialLondon and New York are major financial centers
academicI am working with three other academic centers on my project.
activeThe researchers believe that a unique combination of active centers on the surface of the enzyme allows it to perform a remarkable variety of reactions.
principalThe cities of Sebastopol and Simferopol are notable principal centers in Crimea.
primaryThe primary centers can be distinguished by their more prominent nuclei.
administrativeThe administrative centers of the provinces are located in the provincial capitals.
secondarySecondary centers collect, analyze, and disseminate data from multiple primary centers.
ceremonialThe ancient Maya built ceremonial centers throughout their vast empire.
smallerThe smaller centers attracted fewer people.
largestThe two largest centers are in London and New York.
chiefThe chief centers of the Peruvian cotton industry are Lima, Ica, and Arequipa.
specializedResearchers have access to specialized centers and resources for data collection, analysis, and dissemination.
educationalStudents attended various educational centers across the state.
residentialThe summer camps were run at various residential centers
ruralThe small rural centers are often forgotten by the government.
vitalThe vital centers of the brain control autonomous body functions.
multipleThey are multiple centers of pain, which can become localized to a single tooth.
europeanThe company has offices in several european centers
daycareI'm looking for the best daycare centers in the area.
nervousThe nervous centers of the brain were responsible for her reaction.
civicThe city council held its meeting in one of the civic centers
suburbanA slew of suburban centers are witnessing a renaissance.
provincialTinian has grown from 1,243 inhabitants in 1920, to become one of the largest provincial centers in the Mariana Islands.
basedThe based centers were located throughout the city.
visualThe visual centers in the brain process visual information.
agriculturalThe agricultural centers of the world are located in the tropics and subtropics.
corticalClinicians need to know the status of these cortical centers particularly to determine the site(s) of seizure onset.
recreationalThe city has several recreational centers scattered across its neighborhoods.
cerebralThe cerebral centers are responsible for the highest level of mental functions such as abstract thinking and conscious thought.
subcorticalThe subcortical centers of the brain are responsible for basic functions such as breathing, heart rate, and body temperature.
referralHe checked the number of emergency referrals to tertiary referral centers
ambulatoryMore than half of the ambulatory centers that were participating pre-pandemic are now operational.
sensoryThe sensory centers are located in the cerebral cortex.
retailWe visited several retail centers in the city.
tertiaryThese tertiary centers generally are not inducible by DNA damage alone but are inducible after inhibition of Sp1.
nerveThe nerve centers of the business are located in New York City.
inchThe wood panels have two-inch centers.
diagnosticWe have a network of diagnostic centers across the country.

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