Adjectives for Central

Adjectives For Central

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing central, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The noun 'central' acquires distinct nuances when paired with directional or quantitative adjectives. Whether it's 'east', 'south', 'north', or 'west', these adjectives not only specify a location but also imbue the term with a sense of orientation and culture. 'More' and 'most', on the other hand, introduce a comparative and superlative aspect, respectively, suggesting a degree of importance or centrality relative to others. Each adjective enriches the noun 'central', turning it into a precisely tailored descriptor that can convey much more than just a physical location. For a deeper dive into how these and other adjectives expand the meaning and usage of 'central', explore the full list below.
eastThe east central part of the country is less populated than the west coast.
moreThe downtown area is more central than the suburbs.
southThe neighborhood is located in south central Los Angeles.
northThe north central region is home to many different types of wildlife.
westSituated in the west central region of the country, the city is a major tourist destination.
mostThis congressional district is most central to the capital.
lessThe less central regions of the country are often overlooked.
rightThe right central nerve is responsible for the sensation in the right arm.
leftThe pain radiated from the patient's left central abdomen.
upperUpper central Park is a great place to go for a walk.
easternThe eastern central part of the state is home to the majority of the population.
northernThe northern central region of the country has a unique blend of cultures.
westernThe western central part of the country is home to many different cultures.
southernThe southern central region of the state is home to many large cities.
pennsylvaniaThe Pennsylvania central Transportation Company was a railroad company formed in 1968 by the merger of the New York Central Railroad and the Pennsylvania Railroad.
maxillaryThe maxillary central incisor is the front tooth in the upper jaw.
tropicalThe tropical central region is known for its lush rainforests.
mandibularThe mandibular central incisors showed a statistically significant difference in crown length between the two groups.
comedyI love watching comedy central shows.
permanentAlthough the national government has a permanent central bank, the banking systems of many states are primitive.
midThe mid central region of the United States has a humid subtropical climate.
subThe sub central district includes the city centre and the surrounding areas.
largestThe largest central square is the focal point of the palace.
nonThe location of the store is non central
frontHer front central tooth was chipped.
communistThere were several communes in the communist central before the Internet era.
posteriorThe posterior central suture is a coronal suture that runs vertically across the posterior aspect of the frontal bone.
peripheralThe peripheral central device manages the connections with other devices.
leastThe least central part of the city is often the most peaceful.
superiorThe superior central gyrus is located in the frontal lobe of the brain.
adjacentThe adjacent central building is a historic landmark.
grandI'm meeting my friend at Grand central
anteriorThe anterior central region of the temporal lobe is known to contain the hippocampus.
caribbeanThe Caribbean central region is renowned for its rich culture and pristine beaches.
apicalThe apical central canal is a longitudinal passage along the axis of the tooth that houses dental pulp.

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