Adjectives for Certificate

Adjectives For Certificate

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing certificate, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to accompany 'certificate' can dramatically alter the perception and significance of the document. A 'new certificate' evokes a sense of achievement or a fresh start, while a 'valid certificate' emphasizes its current legitimacy and acceptance. An 'original certificate' signifies its authenticity, differentiating it from copies or forgeries. In the digital age, a 'digital certificate' highlights the importance of secure and verifiable online credentials. Similarly, a 'medical certificate' specifies its purpose, directly linking it to health and fitness. The adjectives used with 'certificate' offer nuanced insights into its relevance, purpose, and authenticity. Explore the full list of adjectives to discover more about the diverse implications each word brings to 'certificate'.
suchThis document contains such certificate and shall not be considered complete or valid without its production.
medicalI submitted a medical certificate to my employer.
newI am excited to receive my new certificate
digitalThe digital certificate is used to verify the identity of the website or individual sending the data.
originalThe original certificate that was issued will need to be surrendered when applying for a replacement.
finalThe final certificate was issued after the completion of the course.
officialThe official certificate was finally issued after a long wait.
specialThe doctor with the special certificate performed the surgery.
secondaryThe secondary certificate was issued by the local education authority.
yearI was awarded a year certificate for my academic achievements.
falseThe police found a false certificate in his pocket.
classI proudly received my class certificate for completing the course with distinction.
keyThe key certificate is used to verify the identity of the server.
temporaryI need to renew my temporary certificate soon.
duplicateThe duplicate certificate was not accepted by the system.
provisionalThe student needs to obtain a provisional certificate before applying for college.
higherI earned a higher certificate in computer science.
signedThe server requires a signed certificate to establish a secure connection.
properShe received the proper certificate after she completed the course.
appropriateThe submission of an appropriate certificate is required for further processing.
currentI need a copy of my current certificate
permanentThe permanent certificate will be issued after the completion of the course.
primaryThe primary certificate on file expired last month.
necessaryA necessary certificate is required for this job.
elementaryJoan proudly displayed her elementary certificate on the refrigerator door.
birthI lost my birth certificate and I need to get a new one.
professionalI'm working towards getting a professional certificate in project management.
formalI received a formal certificate for my achievement.
standardWe require a standard certificate to complete your request.
internationalI need an international certificate for my job.
framedThe framed certificate hung proudly on the wall of his office.
legalThe lawyer was able to provide a legal certificate for his client.
separateThe company is now ready to apply for a separate certificate
gradeI received my grade certificate in the mail yesterday.
regularHe was awarded a regular certificate after finishing the training program.
aboveThe professor signed the above certificate
negotiableThe negotiable certificate ensures that the holder has the right to claim the goods.
monthI received a month certificate for my outstanding performance at work.
yellowHe showed me a yellow certificate to prove his vaccination.
notarialPlease provide a notarial certificate before signing the document.
interimThe interim certificate will be valid until the final certificate is issued.
foregoingPlease submit the foregoing certificate for sanction.
airworthinessThe airworthiness certificate is a document that proves that an aircraft is safe to fly.
baptismalI need to get a baptismal certificate to prove my membership in the church.
commercialThe insurance company issued a commercial certificate to the business owner.
deathI need a replacement death certificate because the original one was destroyed in a house fire.
annualThe insurance policy comes with an annual certificate of coverage.
postgraduateI am pursuing a postgraduate certificate in data science.
sickI need to get a sick certificate from the doctor.
correspondingI need my corresponding certificate to show proof of my qualifications.
usualI didn't bring the usual certificate so I couldn't participate in the tournament.
juniorI received my junior certificate in 2010.
nonThis program cannot be run without a training non certificate
advancedHe obtained an advanced certificate in computer programming.
vocationalHe received a vocational certificate after completing a two year program in automotive repair.
intermediateThe intermediate certificate is used to sign the end entity certificate.
qualifiedThe qualified certificate ensures the authenticity of the document.
consularI need a consular certificate to prove my identity.
dollarI purchased a dollar certificate for my favorite book.
satisfactoryThe applicant was issued a satisfactory certificate upon the completion of the course.
seniorI have a senior certificate in computer science.
blank"This is a blank certificate It does not have a name filled in."
fakeThe fake certificate was discovered during an audit.

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