Adjectives for Certification

Adjectives For Certification

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing certification, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'certification' can significantly enhance the specificity and appeal of your communication. Whether it's a 'national certification' that underscores the broad recognition of a qualification, a 'professional certification' highlighting the relevance to a particular career, or a 'medical certification' specifying the medical industry, each combination serves a unique purpose. An 'initial certification' might denote the first step in a process, while a 'special certification' implies a distinctive or unique qualification. These nuanced associations can play a crucial role in the accuracy and effectiveness of your message, catering to the precise nature of the certification in question. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that unlock new dimensions of meaning when combined with 'certification' below.
nationalHe is pursuing national certification as an auto mechanic.
suchThe company has acquired such certification
professionalTo get the professional certification she had to take a series of rigorous tests.
medicalThe medical certification is required for insurance purposes.
initialThe initial certification for the competency assessment was completed last week.
specialThe doctor was required to have special certification in order to perform the procedure.
officialThe official certification was presented to the winner of the competition.
formalThe company requires formal certification for all employees.
fullThe company received full certification for its quality management system.
organicOrganic certification is a process that verifies that a product is grown and produced in accordance with organic standards.
partyThe party certification was issued by the state board of elections.
voluntaryThe company's voluntary certification demonstrates its commitment to environmental sustainability.
properThe engineer was required to have proper certification for the job.
finalThe engineer has to complete his final certification before he can be promoted.
currentThe candidate must have a current certification in first aid and CPR.
secondaryJackie has a secondary certification in teaching history.
alternativeStudents who pursue alternative certification often have a variety of work experience.
independentThe company has received independent certification for its environmental management system.
permanentShe obtained the permanent certification after passing the exam.
appropriateStudents with appropriate certification are allowed an early start on the job.
selfThe self certification was submitted to the university for further review.
falseThe defendant was charged with false certification of a document.
advancedThe advanced certification program provides the necessary training and skills for career advancement.
legalThe company received legal certification for their new product.
additionalI obtained additional certification in project management.
thirdI have just finished my third certification in data analysis.
educationalI am seeking an educational certification in computer science.
levelThe level certification is required for all employees.
environmentalThe company obtained an environmental certification for its commitment to sustainability.
provisionalThe hospital was given provisional certification after a review of its patient safety practices.
annualPlease submit your annual certification by the end of the month.
necessaryThe necessary certification was required for the job.
internationalHe has extensive experience and international certification in his field.
elementaryAfter obtaining the necessary teaching credentials, I completed my elementary certification
mandatoryThe mandatory certification for nurses was implemented to ensure the quality of patient care.
presidentialThe presidential certification is required for the release of funds to foreign governments.
crossThe cross certification of the software will be completed by Friday.
federalThe company recently received federal certification for its new medical device.
temporaryThe nurse is working on a temporary certification
standardThe company received standard certification for its innovative product.
basicEmployees are required to complete the basic certification before they can work independently.
dualHe holds dual certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology.
basedThe company received ISO 9001:2015 based certification in 2021.
kosherThis product has kosher certification from the Orthodox Union.
separateThe university of California requires separate certification for extended education courses.
externalWe obtained external certification for our management system.
preadmissionThe preadmission certification process has been streamlined to reduce the time it takes to get patients admitted.
clinicalAfter completing her training, she earned her clinical certification
physicianThe patient's physician certification was required for the insurance company to approve the treatment.
priorPrior certification in a related field is required
academicShe was proud of her academic certification as a certified public accountant.
administrativeThe administrative certification process took several months to complete.
regularWe obtained regular certification for the project.
compulsoryFor certain positions, compulsory certification is required before employment is granted.
validThe organization requires employees with valid certification
technicalShe began the long process of obtaining her technical certification
airworthinessThe aircraft must receive and maintain an airworthiness certification from the governing aviation body.
reliableThe company has obtained reliable certification for its products.
vocationalShe received her vocational certification in cosmetology.
lifeguardShe got her lifeguard certification last summer.
forestForest certification is a voluntary process that ensures that forests are managed in a sustainable way.
greenThe company has obtained green certification for its commitment to environmentally friendly practices.
digitalThe digital certification verifies the authenticity of the document.
postgraduateShe obtained a postgraduate certification in education.
subsequentHe provided a subsequent certification of his experience working with children.
accurateThe company obtained accurate certification for its product.
automaticThe automatic certification process was completed successfully.
continuedThe company plans to pursue continued certification for all facilities.
genericThe product has generic certification
consularThe consular certification affirms the authenticity of the document presented.
bilingualThe students earned bilingual certification by passing the state test.
occupationalShe had to complete occupational certification to obtain her professional surveyor's license.

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