Adjectives for Chairman

Adjectives For Chairman

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing chairman, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the diverse adjectives used with 'chairman' unveils layers of meaning and context. A 'former chairman' hints at a legacy left behind, while a 'first chairman' marks a pioneering leadership role. The 'new chairman' suggests change and fresh perspectives, in contrast to the 'vice chairman,' who supports the leading role. A 'national chairman' elevates the position's significance on a broader scale, whereas a 'temporary chairman' reflects a transient or provisional leadership. Each adjective not only modifies but enriches our understanding of the role and its implications in various contexts. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'chairman' and the unique narratives they weave.
formerThe former chairman of the company was arrested for fraud.
firstThe first chairman of the committee was elected by the members.
newThe new chairman of the company was announced today.
viceThe vice chairman addressed the board members during the meeting.
nationalThe national chairman presented the results of the election.
temporaryThe temporary chairman has been voted into the permanent position.
permanentThe permanent chairman for the meeting is John Smith.
honoraryThe honorary chairman of the event was a renowned philanthropist.
democraticThe democratic chairman has been elected to lead the party for the next term
generalThe general chairman of the meeting is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the event.
pastThe past chairman of the company is now a consultant.
republicanThe republican chairman praised the president's speech.
currentThe current chairman of the board is a dynamic and experienced leader.
impartialIf the meeting does not appoint an impartial chairman one of the attendees will have to be elected to take on this role.
independentThe board of directors has unanimously elected an independent chairman
localThe local chairman welcomed the delegates to the conference.
timeThe time chairman announced the new schedule.
deputyThe deputy chairman of the company announced the new policy.
tribalThe tribal chairman addressed the crowd with a passionate speech.
executiveThe company's executive chairman announced his retirement.
lateThe late chairman was a respected figure in the community.
officioThe officio chairman of the meeting was absent
powerfulThe powerful chairman led the company to unprecedented heights.
electedThe shareholders elected chairman Mr. Smith to the board of directors.
officialThe official chairman of the meeting was a renowned expert in the field.
departmentalThe departmental chairman announced the new policy to the faculty.
neutralThe neutral chairman offered a balanced perspective on the issue.
foundingThe founding chairman of the company is a visionary leader who has guided the company to great success.
regionalThe regional chairman was responsible for overseeing the operations of the region.
ableThe able chairman led the meeting with great skill and efficiency.
excellentThe excellent chairman led the meeting with great poise and efficiency.
jointThe committee elected a joint chairman in an attempt to reach a compromise.
honorableThe honorable chairman of the conference addressed the attendees
conservativeThe conservative chairman was a strong advocate for traditional values.
worthyThe worthy chairman gave a rousing speech to the assembled guests.
outgoingThe outgoing chairman addressed the shareholders.
efficientThe efficient chairman led the meeting with great skill and organization.
collectiveThe meeting was led by the collective chairman
interimOur interim chairman does a great job of running the organization between elected chairmen.
longtimeThe longtime chairman of the company announced he would be stepping down.
nobleThe noble chairman presided over the meeting with dignity and aplomb.
assistantThe assistant chairman did not attend the meeting.
idealThe ideal chairman is a person of integrity and vision.
seniorThe company's senior chairman is resigning at the end of the month.
incumbentThe incumbent chairman of the company is retiring next month.
appointedThe board has appointed chairman after much debate.
nominalThe nominal chairman of the board was very friendly.
influentialThe influential chairman of the company is a well-respected figure in the industry.
actingThe acting chairman presented the report to the board.
provincialThe provincial chairman has been in office for over a decade.
thenThe then chairman of the company gave a speech.
capableThe capable chairman led the meeting with great efficiency.
retiredThe retired chairman of the company spoke to the shareholders.
parliamentaryThe parliamentary chairman led the meeting with great skill and efficiency.
venerableThe venerable chairman's wisdom was sought by all who knew him.
municipalWe welcomed the municipal chairman and his team.
distinguishedThe distinguished chairman presided over the meeting with an air of confidence.
energeticThe energetic chairman cheered on his team from the sidelines.

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