Adjectives for Chance

Adjectives For Chance

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing chance, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using the right adjective with the noun 'chance' can significantly alter the shade of meaning in a sentence. A 'little chance' suggests minimal possibility, imbuing a sense of hopelessness or challenge. Conversely, a 'good chance' conveys optimism, indicating a favorable probability of an outcome. Opting for 'better chance' hints at improvement or increased likelihood, while 'only chance' signifies a unique, possibly desperate opportunity. The phrase 'last chance' carries a sense of finality and urgency, implying no future opportunities. Meanwhile, 'best chance' suggests an optimal situation for success. Each adjective provides a nuanced understanding of possibility and opportunity, highlighting the importance of word choice. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'chance' below to master the subtleties of expressive language.
littleThere was little chance of success.
goodThere is a good chance that I will be late for the meeting.
betterYou have a better chance of winning the lottery than finding a four-leaf clover.
onlyI took the only chance I had.
lastThis is likely your last chance to catch the train.
bestWe only have one best chance to do it right.
secondWe all deserve a second chance at love.
fairI want to give the new employee a fair chance to prove themselves.
greaterYou have a greater chance of success if you work hard.
moreI have more chance of winning the lottery than I do of becoming a millionaire.
lessThere is less chance of success if you don't try.
equalEveryone has an equal chance to succeed.
mereHe came across the treasure by mere chance
reasonableThere is a reasonable chance that the project will be completed on time.
realI have a real chance of winning the lottery.
pureThe meeting was arranged by pure chance
slightestThere's the slightest chance that I might win the lottery.
possibleThe data breach was identified at the earliest possible chance
mainHe seized his main chance and became a millionaire overnight.
excellentThere was an excellent chance that he would succeed.
bigI have a big chance to win this lottery.
happyBy happy chance I found my lost wallet.
offOn the off chance that it rains, I'll bring an umbrella.
evenI have an even chance of winning the lottery.
fatFat chance I'm going to help you with that!
greatestThe greatest chance of success comes from taking action.
slimThere is a slim chance that the team will win the championship.
leastHe had the least chance to win.
centThere's a cent chance of rain today.
slightThere is a slight chance of rain tomorrow.
rareThe rare chance to witness a solar eclipse drew a large crowd.
merestBy the merest chance we managed to catch the last train home.
remoteThere is only a remote chance that the project will be completed on time.
randomRandom chance brought us together and a cruel twist of fate tore us apart.
sheerShe found the lost ring by sheer chance
strangeThe strange chance led me to a new path in life.
outsideThe team had only an outside chance at the championship.
fortunateHe had the fortunate chance to meet his childhood friend after many years.
50-50There's a 50-50 chance of rain tomorrow.
realisticHe had a realistic chance of winning the competition.
remotestI'm not saying it's impossible, but it has the remotest chance of happening.
smallestIt had the smallest chance of success.
desperateIn a desperate chance he lunged at his assailant.
wonderfulI'm so grateful for this wonderful chance to meet you.
splendidDespite the splendid chance to win the lottery, I decided to play it safe and invest my money elsewhere.
uniqueDon't miss this unique chance to meet the world-renowned author.
decentYou have a decent chance of winning the lottery if you buy a ticket.
evilThe evil chance cast a sinister shadow over the peaceful village.
oddI had an odd chance to meet my idol.
soleShe knew that this was probably her sole chance to speak her mind.
bareShe took a bare chance and it paid off.
slenderI had only a slender chance of surviving the brutal storm.
curiousA curious chance encounter led to a lasting friendship.
goldenI was given a golden chance to join a team of great professionals.
illI was late for work due to ill chance
singularHe was given a singular chance to prove his innocence.
unluckyAn unlucky chance led to his downfall.
faintHe had only a faint chance of success.
faintestIt's a long shot, but we've got the faintest chance of winning.
unexpectedThe unexpected chance meeting changed their lives forever.
likelyThere is a likely chance of rain tomorrow.

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