Adjectives for Change

Adjectives For Change

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing change, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'change' can be modified by a myriad of adjectives, each shedding light on a different aspect of alteration or transformation. A 'social change' speaks to shifts within societal structures, often hinting at progressive movements or cultural evolutions. 'Significant change', on the other hand, marks an importance that cannot be overlooked, influencing multiple facets of life or industry. The advent of 'technological change' maps our journey through innovation, while 'little change' suggests a more subtle, perhaps cautious, approach. 'Radical change' and 'sudden change' both introduce the idea of swift and often unforeseen shifts, each with their unique implications. To explore the full spectrum of nuances brought by these adjectives when paired with 'change', see the detailed list below.
socialSocial change is often driven by economic, political, or social movements.
significantThe company's significant change in strategy led to a marked improvement in its financial performance.
technologicalTechnological change has brought many benefits to society.
littleThere was little change in the weather over the next few days.
radicalThe company embraced a radical change in its marketing strategy.
suddenThe sudden change in temperature caught me off guard.
rapidOur society is experiencing a period of rapid change
majorThe acquisition represents a major change in the company's strategy.
structuralThe recent structural change in the economy has led to job losses in some sectors and gains in others.
politicalThe country's citizens voted for political change in the recent election.
fundamentalA fundamental change in my understanding of the world occurred when I realized that I am not the center of the universe.
economicEconomic change is in the air, and it's likely to have a profound impact on our lives.
culturalCultural change can be a gradual or abrupt process that affects the beliefs, values, and practices of a society.
dramaticThe election results marked a dramatic change in the political landscape of the country.
organizationalOrganizational change necessitates assessing the benefits and drawbacks.
completeThe complete change of scenery was just what he needed.
gradualThe gradual change in the climate is affecting the environment.
environmentalRecent environmental change is now a major cause of biodiversity loss.
technicalThe technical change was so sudden that it came as a shock to all employees.
markedThe marked change in the weather caught everyone by surprise.
slightThey made a slight change to the plans.
abruptThe abrupt change in weather caught everyone by surprise.
revolutionaryThe revolutionary change in technology has transformed the way we live.
positiveEmbracing positive change can lead to personal growth and fulfillment.
constantConstant change is the only constant in life
institutionalInstitutional change can be a long and complex process, requiring careful planning and execution.
climaticThe effects of climatic change are already being felt around the globe.
globalThe global change is making our planet warmer.
considerableThe company has undergone considerable change in recent years.
drasticThe recent economic downturn has brought about drastic change in the job market.
profoundThe rapidly changing world forced us to make profound change in response.
substantialThe substantial change in the company's management team has led to a significant improvement in its performance.
historicalThe historical change of the past century has been profound.
correspondingThe corresponding change in the mass of the flask was 0.001 g.
behavioralBehavioral change was required for the new product to succeed.
evolutionaryEvolutionary change is the process by which species adapt to their environment over time.
conformationalThe conformational change in the protein was caused by the binding of the ligand.
qualitativeThe qualitative change in the data was evident in the sharp increase in sales figures.
constitutionalThe government proposed a constitutional change to strengthen the protection of fundamental rights.
remarkableThe new technology has brought about a remarkable change in the way we communicate.
netThe net change in the population was 2%.
continuousThe world is in a state of continuous change
progressiveProgressive change leads to better societal outcomes.
relativeThe relative change in temperature was 10 degrees Celsius.
apparentThe apparent change in climate patterns has raised concerns among scientists.
demographicDemographic change is a major factor in the transformation of modern societies.
subtleThe subtle change in the weather brought a welcome relief from the heat.
welcomeThe change in weather was a welcome change
frequentThe constant implementation of new strategies led to frequent change in the organization's direction.
quickThe magician performed a quick change act, disappearing in a puff of smoke and reappearing in a different outfit.
linguisticLinguistic change is the evolution of language over time.
appreciableDue to the new drainage system, the flooding in the neighborhood has shown an appreciable change
noticeableThere was a noticeable change in the weather.
conceptualThe research focused on collaborative conceptual change and discourse in science classrooms.
malignantThe doctor warned of a potential malignant change in the mole.
plannedThe planned change was implemented without any major setbacks.
strikingThe striking change in his appearance took everyone by surprise.
developmentalThe developmental change was evident in the child's newfound ability to walk.
soundThe sound change from Latin to French was dramatic.
peacefulThe transition to a new government was marked by peaceful change
continualTechnology is constantly changing and evolving, resulting in continual change in our daily lives.
entropyThis process has a negative entropy change meaning that there is a reduction in disorder or randomness.

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