Adjectives for Changes

Adjectives For Changes

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing changes, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the dynamic landscape of life and work, the noun 'changes' acquires multifaceted meanings when paired with different adjectives. Descriptors like 'such,' 'significant,' and 'important' underscore the impact and gravity these changes carry. On the other hand, 'major' and 'structural' emphasize the depth and foundation-shifting nature of certain adjustments. 'Rapid,' meanwhile, captures the swift pace at which these transformations can occur, often catching us off-guard but sometimes offering fresh opportunities. Each adjective brings its own hue to the concept of change, painting a vivid picture of evolution, progress, or sometimes, challenge. For a deeper understanding of how these adjectives shape our perception of changes, explore the full list below.
suchSuch changes have been happening lately.
significantThe company has been undergoing significant changes in recent years.
majorHe made some major changes to his daily routine.
structuralThe company has introduced structural changes to improve efficiency.
importantThere have been some important changes to our schedule.
rapidThe recent pandemic brought about rapid changes in our daily lives and societal norms.
minorThe plans underwent minor changes before being implemented.
radicalThe radical changes within the company boosted productivity and efficiency.
recentWe've made recent changes to our app to improve your experience.
physicalThe physical changes that occur in the body during adolescence can be both exciting and challenging.
degenerativeDuring the scan, the doctor discovered degenerative changes in the bones.
suddenLife is full of sudden changes
fundamentalThe company is undergoing fundamental changes
dramaticThe new technology brought about dramatic changes in the way we communicate.
similarHe went through similar changes during the last 2 years.
frequentThis frequent changes make it difficult to gain a clear understanding of how things work.
profoundThe evolution of technology has brought about profound changes in our society.
environmentalHuman activities have caused significant environmental changes affecting ecosystems worldwide.
physiologicalIntense exercise leads to many physiological changes in the body.
relatedThe sudden increase in global temperatures has had a number of related changes to the climate.
necessaryThe necessary changes were made to the document.
technologicalRecent technological changes have drastically altered our lives.
pathologicalThe pathological changes were consistent with the clinical diagnosis.
seasonalThe seasonal changes were striking as the leaves turned brilliant hues of red and gold.
drasticThe drastic changes in the economy have left many people struggling to make ends meet.
slightThe slight changes to the plan were barely noticeable.
substantialThe company's financial performance has undergone substantial changes in recent years.
possibleFuture outcomes can be determined by possible changes in the original data.
subtleThe painting depicted subtle changes in the landscape over time.
inducedInduced changes in the local population size were consistent with genetic simulations assuming neutral migration.
behavioralThe behavioral changes were significant and could not be ignored.
climaticThe climatic changes are being felt around the world.
positivePositive changes are coming, embrace them with open arms.
developmentalChildhood is characterized by many physical, emotional, and developmental changes
morphologicalThe morphological changes in the plant were visible to the naked eye.
inflammatoryThe spleen showed inflammatory changes with a marked increase in lymphoid follicles.
termThe term changes every year.
abruptThe sudden and abrupt changes made me feel uneasy.
pathologicIf further pathologic changes are not developed, long-term survival is possible.
institutionalThe institutional changes have been met with mixed reactions.
revolutionaryThe revolutionary changes in the scientific and technological fields have significantly transformed our society.
demographicThe company is facing challenges due to demographic changes in the workforce.
characteristicThe several characteristic changes in the economy are reviewed in this report.
organizationalThe company is currently undergoing major organizational changes
constitutionalThe conference brought about substantial constitutional changes to the republic.
subsequentThe subsequent changes to the policy had a significant impact on the project.
conformationalThe protein undergoes conformational changes in response to ligand binding.
correspondingThe corresponding changes were implemented in the system.
hormonalThe hormonal changes that occur during puberty can trigger a variety of emotional and physical changes.
qualitativeThe qualitative changes in the data provide valuable insights into the underlying trends.
potentialThere are potential changes to the schedule.
biochemicalThe biochemical changes in the body can be used to diagnose and treat diseases.
chemicalMany chemical changes produce heat or light or both.
markedThe company has undergone marked changes in the past year.
extensiveExtensive changes have been made to the curriculum.
gradualThe gradual changes in the environment have been observed over the past few decades.
secondaryThe secondary changes were due to the primary condition.
observedThe scientists have observed changes in the climate.
progressiveThe progressive changes in the landscape were barely noticeable at first.
functionalI should make some functional changes to the program.
histologicalHistological changes in the liver were observed in the experimental group.
permanentThe permanent changes to the environment have caused widespread damage.
geneticThe recent genetic changes in the population have been linked to a number of health problems.
reachingEmbracing the fluidity and constant reaching changes of the nature.
dynamicThe company's dynamic changes in strategy have positioned it for success in the competitive market.
legislativeWe hope to see some legislative changes in the near future.

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