Adjectives for Character

Adjectives For Character

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing character, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a character can profoundly affect the perception of their personality, role, and journey. Whether you're discussing a general trait or delving into more specific qualities like moral values, national identity, or their true essence, each adjective opens a new dimension. From the personal nuances that make a character relatable to identifying the main protagonists in a story, the adjectives you select can significantly influence readers' engagement and understanding. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives perfect for describing a myriad of characters and their unique traits in our comprehensive list below.
generalHe is a person of general character and not much is known about him.
moralHer indomitable moral character helped her overcome adversity.
nationalThe national character of a country encompasses the values, beliefs, and customs that shape its people's collective identity.
trueTrue character is revealed in times of adversity.
personalHer personal character shone through in her selfless acts of kindness.
mainThe main character of the story is a brave knight.
realThe real character of a person is revealed in times of adversity.
peculiarThe peculiar character of the old man made him stand out from the crowd.
centralThe central character in the novel is a young woman who is trying to find her place in the world.
religiousThe religious character of the film was evident in the use of symbolism and allegory.
similarThe two children shared a similar character
individualEvery individual character possesses unique traits and experiences.
distinctiveThe painting had a distinctive character that set it apart from the others.
essentialThe essential character of the book is its focus on personal growth.
strongShe demonstrated a strong character while facing challenges.
christianShe was a woman of strong christian character
uniqueThe film had a unique character that set it apart from others in its genre.
femaleThe young female character giggled, enjoying how quickly she had outsmarted her elders.
historicalAbraham Lincoln was a famous historical character
sacredThe amulet was believed to have a sacred character and was treated with great reverence.
nobleThe young hero had a noble character
divineThe truly divine character of Christ remains enigmatic and yet irresistible.
literaryElizabeth Bennet is a well-known literary character
complexThe protagonist of the novel is a complex character with a rich inner life.
fictionalAlice is my favorite fictional character from the book Wonderland.
fundamentalThese basic elements of personal finance are of a fundamental character
representativeThe book's main representative character was a young woman named Emily.
interestingThe film had an interesting character named Michael.
distinctEach of the characters had a distinct character
universalEquality is a universal character that should be fostered among all individuals.
mixedThe mixed character in the novel was both charming and enigmatic.
intellectualShe is a person of intellectual character
permanentThe ink from a permanent marker has a permanent character
minorThe minor character played a pivotal role in the storyline.
dynamicThe dynamic character of the novel undergoes a significant transformation throughout the story.
extraordinaryThe extraordinary character of the protagonist made the story come alive.
definiteThe mysterious stranger had a definite character
comicMy favorite comic character is Superman.
revolutionaryThe revolutionary character of the new regime was evident in its radical social and economic reforms.
dangerousThe dangerous character lurked in the shadows, waiting for an opportune moment to strike.
remarkableShe always leaves a remarkable character with her smile.
primitiveThe film's primitive character and cheap production values made it a box office bomb.

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