Adjectives for Charges

Adjectives For Charges

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing charges, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'charges' can take on vastly different tones and implications based on the adjectives used with it. When we describe 'charges' as 'criminal,' we delve into the legal realm, implying accusations that could lead to serious consequences. The use of 'positive' or 'negative' transforms 'charges' into a discussion about electrical energy, highlighting the unseen forces that power our world. Meanwhile, 'fixed charges' might evoke financial discussions, related to stable, predictable costs. Each adjective not only modifies 'charges' but also steers the conversation into distinct territories, unraveling the complexity of language and context. Explore the full list below to uncover more nuances and the diverse landscapes painted by these adjectives.
suchI haven't faced such charges before.
positiveElectrons have negative charges, and protons have positive charges
criminalI was arrested and charged with criminal charges
fixedThe company's fixed charges included rent, insurance, and property taxes.
electricElectric charges create electric fields.
negativeThe negative charges on the surface of the material attracted the positive ions.
electricalThe electrical charges in the circuit can be measured using a multimeter.
seriousThe defendant was arrested and charged with serious charges
falseI was arrested and jailed on false charges
additionalThere are no additional charges for this product.
specificThe specific charges against him were never made public.
totalThe total charges for the project are expected to be around $1 million.
overheadThe overhead charges are likely to increase this year.
similarTwo objects with similar charges repel each other.
annualThe annual charges for using the software are $500.
formalThe formal charges on the atoms in this molecule are zero.
heavyThe defendant was hit with heavy charges related to the robbery.
oppositeOpposite charges have an attraction towards each other.
extraThe service provider will charge extra charges for additional services.
explosiveThe explosive charges were detonated with a loud bang.
higherThe higher charges will be effective from the 1st of January.
reasonableThe company offers reasonable charges for its services.
counterThe judge dismissed the case since the defendant's counter charges were unsubstantiated.
staticThe two static charges repelled each other strongly.
excessiveThe provider has been accused of imposing excessive charges for its services.
equalObjects having equal charges exert equal and opposite forces on each other.
electrostaticStatic electricity occurs when certain materials become charged with electrostatic charges
monthlyThe monthly charges for the service are $10.
deferredThe company reported deferred charges of $10 million on its balance sheet.
graveThe former president is facing grave charges of corruption and money laundering.
depthThe depth charges exploded underwater, shattering the enemy submarine.
netThe metal ions have net charges that are a multiple of the charge of the electron.
federalThe defendant faces federal charges related to tax fraud.
usualIn accordance with our usual charges we will bill you for the extra hours.
separateThe separate charges were filed in two different jurisdictions.
excessThe excess charges on the surface of the conductor create an electric field that points outward from the conductor.
exorbitantThe company's exorbitant charges were met with outrage from customers.
relatedThe accused was arrested with several related charges
portThe shipping company was responsible for all the port charges
administrativeWe will need to charge you additional administrative charges
moderateThe restaurant had moderate charges for its excellent food.
postalThe postal charges have increased by 10%.
partialThe electronegativity difference between two atoms in a bond determines the partial charges of the atoms.
atomicThe total positive charge of the atomic charges equals the negative atomic charge.
miscellaneousThe IRS is scrutinizing the miscellaneous charges on my tax return.
ionicThe atomic structure of ionic compounds is dominated by strong electrostatic forces between oppositely charged ions known as ionic charges
minorHe was arrested for minor charges but was released on bail.
terminalThe terminal charges for the project were higher than expected.
wildThe man was hit with wild charges that he did not commit.
unfoundedAlthough they brought unfounded charges against him, he stood his ground and did not back down from what he believed in.
effluentThe company was fined for exceeding the allowable effluent charges
incidentalThe incidental charges for the hotel stay were minimal.

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