Adjectives for Check

Adjectives For Check

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing check, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the fascinating world of the English language, the power of adjectives to define or alter the perception of the noun 'check' is immense. A 'first check' implies the beginning of a process, sparking anticipation. A 'quick check' suggests efficiency and a brief evaluation, ideal in fast-paced environments. The 'final check' indicates the last in a series, offering closure and assurance. 'Double check' emphasizes thoroughness and accuracy, doubling down on certainty. A 'blank check' carries possibilities and trust, often associated with unlimited freedom or potential. Lastly, the 'last check' signifies the end, a conclusion of efforts. Each adjective, with its unique nuance, enriches the noun, giving rise to varied interpretations and uses. Discover the full range of adjectives that pair beautifully with 'check' and explore the subtleties each combination brings.
firstThe first check is to make sure that the data is clean.
quickCan you give me a quick check on this?
finalBefore making the purchase, he did a final check on the product's specifications.
doublePlease double check your work before submitting it.
blankHe gave her a blank check to spend on the car of her choice.
lastI need to make one last check to make sure everything is in order.
furtherI will let you know after a further check
personalShe paid for her groceries with a personal check
certifiedPlease make the payment by certified check
onlyI only check my email once a day.
effectiveThe effective check ensured that the operations were carried out accurately.
carefulPlease make a careful check before you submit the form.
routineThe mechanic performed a routine check on the vehicle.
monthlyHe deposited his monthly check into his bank account.
usefulThe useful check caught the mistake right away.
independentThe independent check confirmed the accuracy of the data.
thoroughThe mechanic performed a thorough check of the engine.
crossThe cross check was successful and the payment was processed.
seriousThe police officer performed a serious check on my vehicle.
additionalPlease make an additional check to ensure there are no errors.
severeThe doctor ran a severe check on the patient.
constantHe kept a constant check on his finances.
internalThe internal check of the company helped to detect the fraud.
closeThe auditor kept a close check on the company's financial records.
badThe man was arrested for passing a bad check
simpleI performed a simple check to ensure everything was in order.
temporaryThe temporary check on oil and gas drilling in the Arctic is essential for protecting the environment.
completeThe vet gave my dog a complete check before his surgery.
suddenThe sudden check revealed discrepancies in the accounts.
visualThe mechanic performed a visual check of the vehicle.
selfShe ran a self check on her code before uploading it to the repository.
preventiveThe preventive check was successful in preventing the disease.
roughI did a rough check on the figures.
regularThe mechanic performed a regular check on the vehicle.
cyclicThe cyclic check process detected an inconsistency in the data transmission.
betterYou better check your tires before your road trip.
effectualThe effectual check kept the project within budget.
valuableI received a valuable check in the mail today.
soundThe band did a sound check before the concert.
dollarI received a dollar check for my work.
salutaryRegular exercise provides a salutary check against the ills of laziness.
powerfulThe powerful check kept the dog from running into the street.
bigThe startup received a big check from investors.
medicalI need to schedule a medical check before I go on my trip.
weeklyI do a weekly check of my finances to make sure I am on track.
immediatePlease perform an immediate check on the balances of all the accounts.
periodicHe made a periodic check to make sure everything was running smoothly.
automaticThe automatic check of documents made the process much faster.
properI performed a proper check by verifying all the documents.
accuratePlease ensure an accurate check of the inventory.
partialThe company accepted the proposal after a partial check
dailyThe doctor recommended a daily check of the incision to monitor healing.
preliminaryThe preliminary check showed no signs of damage.
necessaryThe necessary check was done to prevent further complications.
sufficientThe financial institution ran a sufficient check on the applicant's credit history.
slightI felt a slight check when the bus hit the pothole.
innerThe inner check of the system prevented the virus from infecting the computer.
constitutionalThe President's veto power is a constitutional check on Congress.
criminalThe company requires a national criminal check for all new hires.
experimentalThe experimental check confirmed the hypothesis.
adequateThe company implemented an adequate check to prevent fraud.
wholesomeThe wholesome check revealed that the ingredients are all natural and ethically sourced.
continuousThe company has established a continuous check on the stock of goods.
momentaryHe gave his progress a momentary check
ultimateIt was the ultimate check against the system.
excellentShe received an excellent check for her work.
occasionalI do the occasional check to make sure everything is running smoothly.
cursoryA cursory check of the results revealed no errors.
postdatedShe wrote a postdated check for the amount due.

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