Adjectives for Chinese

Adjectives For Chinese

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing chinese, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuanced world of adjectives associated with the noun 'Chinese' unveils the rich tapestry of meanings each word brings to conversations and writings. From discussing the 'many' facets of Chinese culture to acknowledging the contribution of 'overseas' Chinese communities, the choice of adjective significantly colors the context. Whether we delve into the 'ancient' wisdom of historical Chinese civilizations or celebrate the diversity within 'ethnic' Chinese groups, each adjective opens a new dimension of understanding. Even the quantifiers 'most' and 'few' serve to highlight the variability and depth of the Chinese experience around the globe. Enhance your knowledge and appreciation of the rich Chinese heritage and its global impact by exploring the full list of adjectives below.
manyThere are many chinese people living in this area.
overseasThe overseas chinese have made significant contributions to their adopted countries.
ethnicMy ethnic chinese friend is very friendly.
ancientThe ancient chinese believed in the power of feng shui.
mostMost chinese are proud of their culture and heritage.
fewFew chinese tourists visited the market.
youngThe young chinese delegates were eager to learn more about the business world.
angloI am studying at an Anglo chinese school.
bornI was born chinese and raised in America.
classicalclassical chinese is a form of written chinese that was used in china for over 2,000 years.
localI enjoy visiting the local chinese restaurant.
indoI love the indo chinese cuisine.
modernI am learning modern chinese
wealthyThe wealthy chinese family donated millions to the local hospital.
earlyEarly chinese writing was pictographic.
averageThe food is on average chinese
mainlandMany mainland chinese still prefer to travel to Hong Kong.
richThe rich chinese businessman was dressed in a sharp suit.
traditionalChinese people celebrate traditional chinese festivals.
poorThe poor chinese farmer struggled to make ends meet.
proHe is a pro chinese student.
originalThe original chinese text is very long.
patrioticThe patriotic chinese people love their country.
standardStandard chinese is the official language of China.
northernNorthern chinese cuisine is characterised by its use of wheat rather than rice.
immigrantThe immigrant chinese population in the United States has grown significantly in recent years.
elderlyThe elderly chinese man sat on the bench, watching the children play.
nativeThe native chinese speaker spoke fluent English.
southernA variety of southern chinese dumplings can be found in China and abroad.
eminentThe eminent chinese philosopher Confucius taught the importance of filial piety.
urbanThe urban chinese are a diverse and vibrant people.
olderThe older chinese man was very wise.
ruralThe rural chinese live in small villages that are scattered throughout the countryside.
prominentThe prominent chinese businessman invested heavily in the local economy.
speakingI am speaking chinese now.
deadThe dead chinese is a term used to describe the chinese who died in the past.
intelligentShe is an intelligent chinese girl.
diasporicThe diasporic chinese have been an important part of the global Chinese community for centuries.
contemporaryTheir home is decorated in a contemporary chinese style.
fluentHe can speak fluent chinese
industriousThe industrious chinese workers labored tirelessly to complete the project on time.
cochinThe cochin chinese is a breed of chicken.
overseaMany oversea chinese return home to spend Chinese New Year with their families.
residentThe resident chinese population in the United States is estimated to be over 5 million.
ethnicallyLui is ethnically chinese
influentialThe influential chinese leader Deng Xiaoping died in 1997.
hanChina is home to many different ethnicities, the biggest of which is the Han chinese
westernizedThe westernized chinese restaurant serves dishes that are tailored to Western tastes.
archaicThe archaic chinese characters are no longer used in modern Chinese.
innocentThe innocent chinese man was arrested and detained without charge.
thoughtfulThoughtful chinese donate 240,000 yuan to quake-hit Sichuan victims

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