Adjectives for Christian

Adjectives For Christian

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing christian, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives paired with 'Christian' reveals a fascinating tapestry of beliefs, behaviors, and affiliations. From 'good Christian' emphasizing moral integrity to 'true Christian' underscoring authenticity in faith, each combination paints a unique portrait of identity and ideology. 'Non-Christian' and 'anti-Christian' signify contrasts and oppositions, distinguishing between those outside the faith and those actively opposing it. Meanwhile, 'devout Christian' highlights the depth of someone's commitment and the intensity of their belief. Such nuances encapsulate the complexity of religious identity and the diverse perspectives within it. Dive deeper into the intricate relationship between adjectives and 'Christian' to unveil further layers of meaning and association.
goodHe was a good christian man who always put others before himself.
trueThe true christian has a desire to please God in all that they do.
devoutThe devout christian woman prayed every day.
sincereThe priest is a sincere christian who is dedicated to his work.
realA real christian is a person who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ.
individualIndividual christian is a faith-based organization that provides support to individuals and families.
moreI'm more christian than you think.
youngThe young christian was full of hope and ambition.
orthodoxThe orthodox christian church has a long and rich history.
againAgain christian will go to the beach.
piousThe pious christian woman spent her days in prayer and meditation.
faithfulThe faithful christian attended church every Sunday.
humbleThe humble christian lived a life of simplicity and service.
earnestThe earnest christian prayed fervently for guidance.
averageThe average christian is a kind and compassionate person.
evangelicalThe evangelical christian movement has been growing in influence in recent years.
fellowThe fellow christian was very kind and helpful.
committedThe committed christian woman has a strong faith in God.
consistentThe consistent christian is a living witness to the gospel of Christ.
nativeThe native christian was baptized in the local church.
distinctivelyChristianity is a distinctively christian faith.
matureThe mature christian diligently studies God's Word.
nominalShe describes herself as a nominal christian but she doesn't practice regularly.
zealousThe zealous christian spread the word of God with unwavering determination.
practicalThe practical christian exemplifies Christ's teachings through their actions.
seriousTom is a serious christian but he doesn't judge others.
exemplaryThe exemplary christian lived a life of love, kindness, and unwavering faith.
medievalA medieval christian monk spent his life copying sacred texts by hand.
intelligentThe intelligent christian is one who is able to articulate their faith in a way that is both rational and persuasive.
primitiveThe primitive christian community shared everything they had.
enlightenedThe enlightened christian sought to find truth beyond dogma.
liberalThe liberal christian approach emphasizes the importance of individual conscience.
ferventThe fervent christian shared his faith with everyone he met.
fundamentalistThe fundamentalist Christians believed that the Bible was the literal word of God and that it should be interpreted without any subjective interpretation.
eminentThe eminent christian theologian Karl Barth wrote extensively about the role of the Holy Spirit in Christian life.
contemporaryThe contemporary christian music scene is thriving, with new artists emerging all the time.
syrianThe Syrian christian community is one of the oldest Christian communities in the world.
excellentThe excellent christian always thinks of others before himself.
buddhistThe Buddhist christian is a unique blend of two distinct religious traditions.
conservativeThe conservative christian community is often vocal in its opposition to same-sex marriage.
convincedThe convinced christian preached the gospel with great fervor.
muscularThe muscular christian is a strong believer in the importance of physical fitness.
honestThe honest christian felt very happy and peaceful.
ardentJohn is an ardent christian and he is deeply committed to his faith.
agedThe aged christian sat in his rocking chair, his white hair glistening in the sunlight.
heartedThe kind-hearted Christian woman volunteered at the soup kitchen every Saturday.
conscientiousThe conscientious christian always attended church and routinely volunteered at the homeless shelter.
anonymousThe anonymous christian provided food to those in need with no expectation of recognition.
idealThe ideal christian is a person who lives their life in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ.
peculiarlyThe council convened in a peculiarly christian manner, beginning with a prayer and ending with a hymn.
happyThe happy christian was singing in the church.
thoughtfulThe thoughtful christian considered the implications of their actions.
dearDear christian I'm writing to you because I care about you.
genuinelyShe is genuinely christian
schullerI've had the privilege of meeting Schuller christian a few times.

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