Adjectives for Circuit

Adjectives For Circuit

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing circuit, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the world of circuits reveals the profound impact adjectives have on their functionality and interpretation. An equivalent circuit abstracts complexities into comparable simplicity, while a short circuit highlights potential flaws or design challenges. The magnetic and electric aspects of circuits delve into the realms of invisible forces shaping their performance. Meanwhile, electrical circuits, as a broader category, encompasses the electric and electronic foundations of modern technology. Each adjective, from the precise open circuit, indicative of an incomplete electrical path, to others not listed, adds a layer of specificity and insight, enriching our understanding of circuits’ diverse functionalities. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that illuminate the nuanced world of circuits below.
equivalentThe equivalent circuit for this circuit is a simple resistor.
shortThe faulty wiring caused a short circuit cutting off power to the entire house.
magneticThe magnetic circuit is a path through which magnetic flux flows.
electricThe electrician checked the electric circuit to make sure it was working properly.
electricalThe electrical circuit was completed by connecting the wires.
openThe open circuit had to be repaired before the machine would function properly.
integratedThe integrated circuit was a revolutionary development in electronics.
closedThe police used a closed circuit camera to identify the suspect.
externalThe external circuit consists of a power source, a resistor, and an inductor.
parallelEach light bulb in a parallel circuit receives the same amount of current.
simpleThe simple circuit consists of a battery, a switch, and a lightbulb.
primaryThe primary circuit is the first circuit of the engine's electrical system.
resonantThe resonant circuit was tuned to the frequency of the incoming signal.
secondaryThe secondary circuit is connected to the primary circuit through a transformer.
completeThe current must travel one complete circuit for the motor to operate properly.
basicThe basic circuit was designed to provide power to the device.
electronicThe electronic circuit was designed to optimize the flow of current.
currentConnect the wires to complete the current circuit
entireThe entire circuit was buzzing with activity.
virtualThis virtual circuit provides a reliable and secure connection between two devices.
singleThe single circuit in the electrical panel is not working properly.
typicalThe current will flow through the typical circuit with a current intensity of approximately 0.5 A.
mainThe main circuit was connected to the power supply.
sequentialSequential circuits are circuits in which the output depends on the present input as well as previous inputs.
inductiveThe inductive circuit is the one that opposes the change in current flowing in it.
amplifierThe amplifier circuit was designed to boost the signal strength by a factor of 10.
digitalI am learning about digital circuits in my computer science class.
waveThe wave circuit was malfunctioning, causing the ship's communication systems to fail.
wireThe electrician connected the wire circuit to the fuse box.
combinationalThe combinational circuit has only one output for a given set of inputs.
wideThe car made a wide circuit around the lake.
tunedThe tuned circuit was able to amplify the signal strength.
voltThe volt circuit was not working properly.
separateEach of the three bedroom zones is provided with a dedicated separate circuit
linearThis linear circuit has a constant resistance.
judicialThe defendant was sentenced to five years in prison by the judge of the judicial circuit
oscillatory"LC circuit is also called as an oscillatory circuit."
oscillatingThe oscillating circuit consists of a capacitor and an inductor.
signalThe signal circuit conducts electrical signals between different parts of the electronic device.
complexThe complex circuit in the computer was too difficult to fix.
extracorporealThe extracorporeal circuit was initiated after the patient experienced a cardiac arrest.
balancedThe balanced circuit provides a stable and reliable power supply.
resistiveThe current in a resistive circuit is directly proportional to the voltage across the circuit.
fourthThe Fourth circuit Court of Appeals covers cases from Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.
reentrantThis is a reentrant circuit that allows the output to be fed back into the input.
metallicThe metallic circuit was made of copper and zinc.
hydraulicThe hydraulic circuit was designed to operate at pressures up to 10,000 psi.
ampThe amp circuit was damaged during the storm.
conventionalThe conventional circuit needs to be modified.
emitterAn emitter circuit is a direct-coupled amplifier circuit that uses an emitter resistor to control the current gain of the transistor.
baseThe base circuit is the portion of a transistor that controls the flow of current between the emitter and collector.
suitableThe suitable circuit for this application is a 12-volt, 2-amp circuit.
correspondingPlease connect the corresponding circuit to the associated connector.
holdThe hold circuit was activated to prevent damage to the system.
systemicThe systemic circuit carries oxygenated blood from the heart to the rest of the body.
passThe power supply must be temporarily switched off by means of the pass circuit
capacitiveThe capacitive circuit is characterized by its ability to store electrical energy in an electric field.
outerThe outer circuit of the racetrack was closed for repairs.
patientThe patient circuit is a length of breathing tubing that connects the patient to the ventilator.
flopThe flop circuit in the computer malfunctioned and caused the system to crash.
simplestThe simplest circuit is a series circuit.
printedA small motor driver with a printed circuit for controlling the speed of a motor.
aerialI'm excited to try the new aerial circuit at the gym.

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